One linear inequality in 2 variables divides the aircraft into 2 half-planes . Come graph the inequality, graph the equation the the boundary. Usage a solid line if the prize ≤ or ≥ is used because the boundary is contained in the solution. Usage a dashed line if     or     > is used to show that the border is not part of the solution. The shade the suitable region. Unless you room graphing a vertical line the sign of the inequality will certainly let you know which half-plane come shade. If the prize ≥ or > is used, shade over the line. If the symbol ≤ or is used shade listed below the line. For a upright line, larger solutions room to the right and smaller services are come the left. A system of 2 or more linear inequalities deserve to divide the airplane into more facility shapes.

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instance 1:

Graph y 2 x + 1


example 2:

Graph the system of straight inequalities.

y 1 3 x + 4

y ≥ − 3 x − 1

y ≥ 5 x + 1

Graphing the three lines and also shading the an ar enclosed, we obtain the figure below.


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