the number and arrangement of electron in the outermost power level (shell)(What elements in the same group in the periodic table have in typical is the number and also arrangement of electron in the outermost energy level (outermost shell). And also that"s why castle have comparable properties!For example, every one of the Alkali steels in team IA have a separating electron (the outermost electron) the is s1.Sodium, in the 3rd row, has an outermost electron that is 3s1.Potassium, in the 4th row, has an outermost electron the is 4s1.Rubidium, in the 5th row, has actually an outermost electron that is 5s1.)

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Which of these second period elements is most most likely to have the properties of a metalloid (in part instances it behaves as a metal, in other instances, together a nonmetal)? A. Aluminum B. Phosphorus C. Silicon D. Magnesium E. Sulfur
C. Silicon(silicon, which sits at the "stair-step" in between the metals and nonmetals, is a metalloid. For example, silicon can act together a semiconductor -- its electrical conductivity is in between that that a metal (like copper) and also an insulator (like glass). Silicon"s ability to conduct power varies v temperature.)
Which that these facets should have actually chemical properties comparable to those that oxygenA. Sulfur B. Carbon C. Phosphorus D. Fluorine E. Nitrogen
A(Feedback:Although all of the elements detailed are nonmetals, us would suppose sulfur to have chemical properties most comparable to those of oxygen, since sulfur and also oxygen are in the same team (or "family") in the regular Table.)
D(Feedback:Te (Tellurium), in the fifth period, the fourth aspect over in the "p block," would have the distinguishing electron 5p4.)
Which aspect has the the smallest atomic radius (meaning smallest electron cloud)? A. F B. Cs C. I D. Li
A(Feedback:F (Fluorine), with separating electron 2p5, would have actually the the smallest atomic radius of the aspects listed. Friend may have actually been tempted to select Lithium, together it has only 3 electrons in its cloud. Return Fluorine has actually a complete of nine electrons (more 6 electrons than Lithium), consider that:These six extr electrons are all in the same shell, all around the same distance indigenous the nucleus, and unable come shield one another from the positive charge the the nucleus.Since Fluorine"s nucleus has actually six much more protons 보다 Lithium"s, the electron in the 2nd shell space "feeling" a much greater reliable nuclear charge than those in Lithium"s 2nd shell.Thus Fluorine"s 9 protons are able to traction the electron in tightly -- host them close come the cell core -- and diminish the size of the electron cloud.)

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Which aspect has the largest atomic radius (meaning biggest electron cloud)? A. F B. Li C. Ns D. Cs