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The correct answer is C) ancient Greece—->Developed a republican form of government.

A republican federal government is one in i m sorry the citizens have actually the can be fried political strength in society. This is as result of the reality that citizens acquire to poll for the people who will make regulations for them. This form of federal government revolves about the idea of popular sovereignty, as a “majority wins” mindset applies to nearly all types of vote on a local, state, and also national level.

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An african American organization founded in Detroit in 1930 to be the national of islam

The exactly answer is A) security throughout the Mediterranean world and also D) culture flourished.

The outcomes of the Pax Romana were “Stability throughout the Mediterranean world and culture flourished.”

The Pax Romana was a period in ancient Roma whereby the political, economic, and also social conditions in the Roman realm were good to develop relative peace and also harmony in the roman territories. It lasted 200 hundred years, from the beginning of emperor Augustus power in 27 BCE come 14 CE. The target of this and other emperors of the time was to create a period of stability, growth peace, flourishment of the arts, and keeping the extension of the regions as part of the development of Rome.

Protected early human being from most invaders. The Himalayas have been shielding India from exterior invaders since the early occasions appropriately filling in as a resistance boundary.

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