Locals room contributing native their very own memorabilia because that the exhibition at the Mansfield visitor Centre.(gimpppa.org Goulburn Murray)
Four decades because The guy from Snowy River started filming in north-east Victoria, the town at the heart of it all is providing fans the chance to revisit the top movie.

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Key points:

The exhibition marks 40 years since filming started on The man from Snowy RiverFilm posters indigenous the movie's relax are amongst the pieces on displayThe movie was filmed in the Mansfield region in Victoria's High Country

From composer Bruce Rowland's initial score come the saddles offered by Tom Burlinson and also Sigrid Thornton throughout Victoria's High Country, a selection of pieces have actually gone on display in a new exhibition in Mansfield celebrate the film's anniversary.

Anne Ware indigenous the Mansfield Historical society said the movie captured the mind of people right throughout the world, and also expects the exhibition will create a emotion a nostalgia for many.

"People couldn't think how popular it was. I think it simply resonated with people, the beauty of the totality area," multiple sclerosis Ware said.

"There are some of the old posters that were placed out at the relax of the movie at the time, simply lots the bits and also pieces — the saddles, including an old side saddle the was not used in the film.

"But we believe Sigrid speak it next saddle for a picture shoot in ~ one stage."


Tom Burlinson theatre Jim Craig and also Sigrid Thornton plays Jessica in The male From Snowy River.(Supplied: Cambridge Productions)

Putting Mansfield top top the map

When filming started in 1982, Mansfield was a small town, however that shortly changed.

"Mansfield sparked alive. It was something the really placed Mansfield ~ above the map, particularly Merrijig and the hills roughly there," she said.

Some components still tempt tourists today, consisting of Craig's Hut which to be purpose-built because that the film.

"They decided that was the ideal spot because that a hut because that the film, for this reason they built an original format hut there," she said.

"The hut would certainly never have actually been developed without The male from Snowy River.

"And, that course, every time there has actually been a bushfire come through and also it's been burnt then it has actually been rebuilt — because it just remains popular."

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The film has attracted worldwide visitors for countless years.

"Even Americans that love it, they have to see the totality lot. Every the settings," she said.

The exhibition is being hosted at the Mansfield visitant Centre, and also while there are currently countless piece on display, ms Ware said she intended it to continue to grow with locals contributing from their very own collections.

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"It's up and also running already. There will probably be additions made come it since people view it and also say "oh I've still acquired a little bit that this and that", and another bit comes in," she said.