Here's our overview on exactly how to unlock Viridian City Gym in Pokemon Let's walk Pikachu and also Eevee.

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Although you do it come Viridian City in roughly the middle of Pokemon Let"s walk Pikachu and also Eevee, you might not it is in able to accessibility the Gym right away. If the Viridian City Gym doors are locked to you, climate there"s one thing you should do first. In our Pokemon Let"s walk Viridian City Gym guide, we"ll it is in walking you with how come unlock Viridian City Gym in Pokemon Let"s Go, simply in case you"ve missed out a previous story beat.

How to Unlock Viridian City Gym in Pokemon Let’s go Pikachu and Eevee

Viridian City is going to it is in the seventh, and penultimate Gym you come throughout in her time v Pokemon Let’s go Pikachu and Eevee. However when you very first reach the town, after defeating the Cinnabar Island Gym Leader, you’ll find that the doors to the Gym are locked tight, through no indication as to why.


This can take place for two reasons. The most typical reason why the door come the Viridian City Gym might be locked is because you haven’t ceded a distinct parcel to Professor Oak in Pallet Town. To do this, head to the bag Mart in Viridian City, and also on your way out, the shopkeeper will ask if you might deliver a distinct package come Professor Oak, simply down the road. If this occurs, then all you need to do is deliver the package, and the Gym will certainly be unlocked.

However if the shopkeeper doesn’t method you and ask girlfriend to supply the package, climate it method you’ve missed a story beat formerly in Pokemon Let’s Go. To fill in this requirement before you can enter the Gym, you must head to Saffron City, the city that Team Rocket has actually taken over.


Walk approximately town, and also on among the more southern roads, you’ll uncover Jessie and James indigenous Team Rocket are trying to get accessibility to a building, without much luck. If this happens, then you need to proceed into the building after them, occupational your way to the very top floor and defeat them, in order for the Gym back in Viridian City yo unlock for you. This is a pretty concealed detail, however basically you require to advancement the story the Pokemon Let’s go Pikachu and also Eevee come a specific point, prior to you can take on the Gym Leader in Viridian City.

Now the we’re every done through this certain Pokemon Let’s go Pikachu and also Eevee guide, girlfriend can proceed ahead come our added pages on either game. There’s our Pokemon Let’s walk Articuno guide, or ours Pokemon Let’s walk Zapdos guide, because that obtaining either legend beast.

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