The metal Coat in Pokemon knife & Shield is used to evolve Onix to Steelix. This overview shows whereby to find the steel Coat place in Pokemon Sword and also Shield.

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You uncover “Metal Coat” in Stow-on-Side, the town wherein the fourth Gym stadion is. From the Pokemon center in Stow-on-Side, head to the left. Prior to going up the stairway that lead to the Stadium, go additional left all the way to the leaf of the town. There’s a chop alleyway the leads to a ladder behind a building. Climb up the ladder and also you’ll view a male sitting top top the leaf of the roof. Alongside him is a sparkling item, pick it up to find the steel Coat!




Metal coat Usage:

The only use of metal Coat is to evolve Onix to Steelix. You must equip Onix through the steel Coat and also then profession it to an additional player (locally or via internet). This triggers the evolution immediately, however make certain to profession it come a friend who will trade it ago to girlfriend afterward. It’s one of the more secret evolutions in the game.

That’s every there is come finding the mystery Metal coat in Pokemon Sword and also Shield, enjoy!

Other crucial Evolution Items:

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Klupido says

October 21, 2020 in ~ 12:54 am

You also need a steel Coat because that Scyther to acquire Scizor to finish the Isle the Armor Pokedex.


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