Before friend hop on the tanning bed, make sure you have a high quality pair of tanning goggles.

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We recognize you’re itching about where to buy tan goggles, but just remember that the key purpose is to administer protection.

Don’t simply buy them because that style, girls and also gals!

Not certain what come look the end for once buying tanning bed goggles? Don’t worry, we’ll take you through how they work, where to to buy them, and also how to choose the best ones!


You’ll need a great pair of tan goggles for safety purposes.

Although these products should typically be provided totally free of fee by at home tanning companies, it’s ideal to carry your own tanning bed goggles.

After all, you don’t understand how commonly the service cleans and also sanitizes its demorphs bed goggles, so it deserve to be fairly unhygienic if a lot of their client share them.

Ready come buy your first pair of tan goggles? check out digital retailers such together Amazon—all you need to do is search, click, and also buy. SO easy!

There room a lot of amazing transaction on your website too, therefore you can usually discover cheap (but high quality) tanning bed goggles if you look hard enough. Watch out for brands like Super Sunnies and also Evo Flex. Those are good buys!

However, make certain you select the exactly size, together the dorn fit won’t offer lot eye protection. Given this, it’s an extremely helpful to review product reviews on the Amazon website before finalizing your order.

Lastly, double-check the return policy so you deserve to easily readjust the product if you’re no satisfied.

Another option is to buy directly from local stores or tanning salons. This way, you deserve to test out the assets on-site and find the PERFECT FIT prior to you purchase!

Again, make sure the goggles are neither too loosened nor also tight when worn. The goggles have to feel comfortable, yet they should likewise have a tight sufficient seal come effectively role as eye protection.

We suggest reading product reviews because that top-rated goggles online before visiting the keep so you know precisely what you want to buy.

However, if you’re still unsure, girlfriend can additionally consult on-site personnel for an ext information (and maybe also their own personal reviews) ~ above the products!


Before you start tanning, make sure to use top quality goggles.

Don’t just buy the very first pair girlfriend spot on the Amazon website and also don’t simply go for the one through the lowest price. Your health and wellness is at stake here, after ~ all, therefore DON’T take it the easy route!

Carefully review through what the assets have come offer, and check to see if they possess these five key characteristics before you spend your money ~ above them.

It goes without saying a good pair of demorphs bed goggles should be comfortable.

Remember, you’ll use these all throughout her tanning session, for this reason they shouldn’t hurt any part of your face the whole time they’re on.

More importantly, though, the size, shape, and also structure of the goggles have to fit your face perfectly.

Safety is what you’re after, therefore you’ll require goggles that have high-level protection. Naturally, this comes with a GOOD, chop seal.

With the said, friend should constantly test out the fit before you purchase (if possible!) This will not only save girlfriend the hassle of a return, yet it also ensures optimal protection while tanning.

Tanning bed goggles come in every sorts of designs! You have the right to buy goggles with straps if you desire to be extra safe, or you can use goggles there is no straps to protect against tan lines.

If friend opt because that the latter, though, simply make certain you don’t move approximately too lot while tanning. This way, the goggles will be much less likely to autumn off.

Another crucial aspect is UV PROTECTION. Always make certain the goggles space FDA-approved. Otherwise, you can be paying for bits that plastic the don’t even work!

Again, review website reviews extensively to make sure you’re paying for good quality products!

Lastly, how much perform the goggles cost? Well, the price have the right to go native $4 approximately $50.

Most goggles autumn on the lower finish of the range, though, i m sorry is good if you’re ~ above a budget. In fact, the disposable ones space just approximately $0.20 apiece!

If you’re a regular tanner, think about investing in something an ext durable and high quality. After all, you’ll be using this because that a lengthy time, so you need to make certain they won’t need frequent replacing.


Tanning goggles are vital eye defense for everyone planning to get an indoor tan.

In fact, it’s mandatory because that customers to put on goggles before any kind of tanning bed service, together the harmful UV radiation indigenous the sunlamps have the right to damage eyes and even cause blindness. Scary, right?

Now, you could think you can acquire away v closing her eyes rather of making use of tanning bed goggles to gain a much more even tan.

DON’T EVER try this! your eyelids offer small to no protection versus UV light, so the goes best through your skin and into her eye. Too much UV exposure could reason one or an ext of the following:

Photokeratitis or ede of the cornea, which reasons temporary redness, pain, sensitivity, and/or blurred vision.Pinguecula or a development on the conjunctiva. Return this walk not commonly interfere with vision, human being who have it might be uncomfortable with exactly how it looks.Pterygium or a wedge-shaped development on the conjunctiva. Unequal the pinguecula, this grows onto the cornea.Cataracts or clouding of your lens. Irreversible sun exposure can reason cataracts, blurred vision, and also even blindness.Macular Degeneration or damages to the retinal tissue. This problem can cause severe and permanent vision loss, and also it has no cure.

Why are tanning bed so dangerous? Shouldn’t they administer only a safe amount the UV radiation?

First of all, there is no such thing as ‘safe’ UV radiation. Both UVA and also UVB beam cause far-reaching skin damage, specifically if you don’t have sunscreen on.

UVA rays penetrate deep into your skin, affecting your blood vessels and nerves. These space responsible for premature aging, pucker formation, and also cancer development.UVB rays, on the various other hand, reason sunburns, swelling, redness, and pain. They also put you at danger for melanoma.

If this isn’t scary enough, girlfriend should know that indoor tanning deserve to be even more dangerous than going to the beach!

While the stamin of the sun’s rays different day to day, sunlamps constantly disclose you to high-intensity light during each tan session. Even when it’s a stand-up tan bed!

Remember this: You’re payment a substantial price because that beauty—your health.


YES. Never ever before go tanning there is no goggles on! This can temporarily influence your vision or even ruin it PERMANENTLY!!

The hurts of UV radiation are an extremely true, so it’s better to be proactive now rather of payment the price later on in life.

The average price because that tanning goggles is about $6. countless good-quality options are actually fairly affordable, so girlfriend just need to worry around the fit!

If you desire to ditch the goggles, usage disposable, adhesive eye protection. If you’re a constant tanner, these medical-grade holds might cost much more in the lengthy run, however they’re very comfortable and also effective.

We love the they’re hygienic, see-through, and great at blocking the end both UVA and also UVB rays!

You wouldn’t walk to the beach without sunglasses, for this reason why would certainly you walk to the tanning shop without goggles?

Look after your health, also if it appears inconvenient now—trust us, her future me will say thanks to you because that it!

Thanks for reading! Feel cost-free to share this article with a friend if the tips operated for you.

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