Heading to live in Flagstaff in the close to future and also I have a pair classic cars that I have actually invested a the majority of time and also passion right into to subject them to the results of salty roads. My online searches haven't said me for sure what is offered present-day to resolve snowy roads- for this reason which is it?

If salt is used, have the right to anyone offer any type of tips to defend the underside of one's automobile from rotting and also rusting?

Thank you in advance.

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State/county and also NAU roads are salted. The city supplies cinders on the roads they stroked nerves to execute anything with.

Entirely cinders, due to the fact that winter 2013. Campus salts, and also takes better care that their roads than the city. If it snows, 4x4 is recommended because that getting approximately town, but take the slow. No salt provides for a slippery pilgrimage down 66.


This. I40, I17, 180, campus, and also the bus courses are the very first things plowed. After ~ that, everything else gets done. If friend live in one apartment, castle should have some come and plow, yet this deserve to be a waiting game.

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I would store the cars covered and also off the road after the an initial snow or ice. The cinders they put down wreak havoc on repaint jobs and windshields! other cars will certainly kick cinders at your car and also chew increase the hood and also glass, pitting the shit out of them. Never seen a auto get salt damage here...but cinder damage hoo boy!

Well they put down cinders everywhere. I have heard lock don't placed down salt at every anymore but I don't recognize that for sure, back my an individual experience with snowy roadways up below is that they right plow them and also the ice cream sticks about for weeks so I kind of doubt castle use much if any kind of salt. As much as salt proofing goes, I mean all you can do is have actually the undercarriage stripped and also coated v something favor Line X, but that shits expensive. Come prevent damages from the salt you just need to go to the me operated vehicle washes and spray under your car to shot to remove as much as girlfriend can. Yet if you have several classic cars, don't you have actually a daily driver that is newer and can journey in the snow or at least a beater you deserve to sacrifice? If i had any car worth anything I would certainly probably try to avoid driving it in the snow or slush if possible.