Billy proceeds to chop away at the tree, taking just momentary breaks to rest his hands and also gather his breath. As night approaches, that is weary and also fatigued. The is determined to chop under the huge sycamore and also capture the raccoon; nonetheless, he has spent one night in the woods and is no eager to do it again. Simply as that feels the his physical and mental power has been completely drained, his grand arrives.

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Billy is relieved to view his grandfather and confesses that he is all set to surrender. He speak him that the large tree will certainly take days to chop down and that that is simply too exhausted to continue. His grandfather an initial rejects the id of offering up, telling him that he have to never start anything he cannot finish. Billy counters that he go not want to provide up but that the task is impossible because it will take days come chop under the tree. Furthermore, the says, if he leaves the tree, the raccoon will escape.

Billy’s grand listens attentively come his complaints and then offers a solution. Using clothes, a autumn cap, leaves and sticks, he helps Billy construct a scarecrow. Billy skeptically argues that the raccoon is as well smart to think that the scarecrow is a genuine person. His grand reassures him the it will certainly take days before the raccoon realizes the the scarecrow is inanimate. He reminds Billy the he only demands a an excellent meal and a good night’s rest prior to he can resume the task. He promises that the raccoon will certainly still it is in in the tree in the morning. Billy’s mood improves immediately, and he and his grand share a laugh. Once the scarecrow is in place, Billy needs to persuade his puppies, particularly Old Dan, to leave the tree.

Billy and his grandfather arrive in ~ his house and enjoy a meal with the family. After ~ dinner, Billy’s mother massages his sick muscles and also soothes them v ointment. Then Billy goes come bed and also immediately dropped asleep. The next morning, just as he sits under to breakfast, his father enters the room and also tells him the he to be awakened several times during the night by a howling dog. He claims it sounded prefer Old Dan. Billy goes outside to inspect on his dogs.

Billy finds little Ann in the yard, yet he cannot locate Old Dan. Remembering just how tenacious Old Dan was concerning the sycamore tree, Billy decides to look for him there. As soon as he arrives at the tree with little Ann, they uncover Old Dan howling in ~ the raccoon. Billy strokes the puppy’s head and congratulates that on his diligence. Small Ann playfully and excitedly rolls in the leaves, and also Billy looks in ~ her through disappointment. That thinks the she is a selfish dog because she slept peacefully in the garden while Old Dan maintained watch in ~ the base of the tree. Then he notices imprints in the leaves close to the tree. The imprints indicate that both dogs, not simply one, slept top top the ground close to the basic of the tree. He lovingly caresses tiny Ann and also beams with pride because he has actually two together diligent hounds.

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Rejuvenated by a great meal and a good night’s rest, Billy recommences his chopping. The chops because that hours and also hours. Late in the afternoon, however, his hands start to blister. The blisters show up quickly and also cover his palms. Then...