Travel to Pastoria City at any kind of time throughout the game and also head north out of the town (through the rather sophisticated building) to the entrance to the Safari game (“The great Marsh” is simply the name of the ar where the game is played).

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Where is the Safari zone Pokemon Platinum?

Pastoria CityThe great Marsh (Japanese: 大湿原 good Marsh) is an area situated in Pastoria City. That is Sinnoh’s Safari Zone and also contains some Pokémon that cannot be discovered anywhere else in Sinnoh.

How perform you acquire past the battle zone in Pokemon Platinum?

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You must complete the Sinnoh Pokedex in stimulate to leaving the fight Area to go to the Resort and Survival Area. YOu should see 150 that Sinnoh region pokemon to gain National Pokedex in bespeak to go on from hit Area. You press the up button and leave and also to contiunue friend must complete the bag dex.

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How execute you get Shieldon and Cranidos in Pokemon Platinum?

Depending on the last digit of her Trainer Card, you will either get the Armor fossil, Shieldon, or the Skull fossil, Cranidos (On your Trailer card, if your ID end in an also number, you’ll get Shieldon, and if it ends in one odd number, you’ll gain Cranidos).

How execute you acquire a Kecleon in pokemon Platinum?

It deserve to be discovered in the an excellent marsh in pastoria city, you require the national pokedex, girlfriend can uncover it in ~ day, ns hoe i help