Oreburgh CityOreburgh MineOreburgh GateRoute 204

City the Energy

Oreburgh City is whereby you"ll receive your an initial Gym badge. Once you enter, a trainer takes you over to the gym. The course, rival is currently there. However, he tells you the the Gym Leader has gone to Oreburgh Mine. ~ above the second floor of the very first building, a human being will provide you a Dusk Ball. Also, top top thesecond floor that the structure furthest to the east, an additional person will offer you a Great Ball. However again, ~ above the 2nd floor of the building next come the PokeMart, friend can attain a Heal Ball if you display the Hiker a Zubat. Now that you"ve gotten all the items to save you happy because that a while, walk south into the Oreburgh Mine.

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Oreburgh Mine

At the entrance of Oreburgh Mine, you can pick increase a X Defend, or a PokeBall in Platinum. As you go deeper, you"ll see workers and their Machop. You"ll uncover a Potion to the right. Talk to the person who looks various from anyone else. That"s the Gym Leader. He"ll show an outstanding Rock Smash and then leave. At the much left, you"ll find an Escape Rope. Currently it"s time to walk to the gym to fight for your first gym badge!

Rock-Solid Gym

The check out inside the gym is much much more three-dimensional 보다 the rest of the world. Friend only require to fight two Youngsters before reaching the Gym Leader, Roark (you have the right to avoid the 2nd Youngster by using the stairs). Roark offers a lv. 12 Geodude, a lv. 12 Onix, and a lv. 14 Cranidos. They room all Rock-type Pokemon and are veryweak against Water and Grass-type moves. If you decided a Turtwig or Piplup as your starter Pokemon, this battle will be reasonably easy if you"ve increased them sufficient to discover Razor Leaf and also Bubble. To do it even much easier you could capture a Budew on course 204. If you determined Chimchar, girlfriend can record a Budew or a Machop on path 207. Utilizing Chimchar may be more difficult, uneven it to know Mach Punch, which is super effective against Roark"s rock Pokemon.

After defeating Roark, he awards girlfriend a Coal Badge. This badge allows your Pokemon to use Rock Smash come smash rocks. Additionally, he offers you TM76 - Stealth Rock. Currently that you"ve earned your first badge, an initial go phibìc to route 207. Go all the way north with the large patch of tall grass to pick up a PokeBall. One more hidden PokeBall have the right to be discovered in the empty space on the right. You won"t be able to go any further, because you require a Bike to go up the slippery slope. Go all the way west in the direction of Oreburgh Gate.Rival will protect against you. He"s plan to gain to Eterna City with Jubilife City. If you desire to carry out the same, you should go with Oreburgh Gate.

Oreburgh Gate

Now that you deserve to use rock Smash, walk north in Oreburgh Gateand go down the stairs. By smashing many much more rocks, you will have the ability to pick up a Stardust (Big Pearl in Platinum) and TM70 - Flash. After ~ learningSurf, you"ll have the ability to explore an ext of Oreburgh Gate. Surf west and pick increase TM31 - Brickbreak in ~ the north. If you save surfing west, you"ll obtain onto land and battle a Veteran. In ~ this point, if you have the right to use Strength, you"ll be able to pick increase an Earth Plate and TM01 - emphasis Punch. Now go every the method back to Jubilife City and also head north.

Team Galactic

Go in the direction of the north and you"ll bump into Professor Rowan and also Dawn. Lock are challenged by 2 Team Galactic members. You and Dawn climate team increase to battle the Galactic Grunts. Defeating them shouldn"t be too difficult at this point. After their defeat, Professor Rowan tells you the Team Galactic is make the efforts to exploit the power released v Pokemon evolution. ~ that, the 2 leave, and a employee member indigenous Jubilife TV will offer you a Fashion Case because that your exceptional battle.

Next, you should check out Jubilife TV. ~ above the an initial floor, friend can fight a Reporter with a quite high level Pokemon. On the second floor, a guy will offer you a Mask of your starter Pokemon. Go into the dressing room ~ above the left and also talk to the man standing in ~ the door to dress up one of your Pokemon. Afterwards, its photo is framed top top the wall. Now, head north towards path 204.

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Route 204

After discovering Surf, you have the right to surf across the pond ~ above the left side because that a Sea Incense. You can acquire an HP Up through surfing throughout the pond ~ above the right side. As component of route 204, you"ll go into a cave called devastated Path, which you may have actually encountered earlier. Smash the rock on the left side to achieve TM39 - rock Tomb. Also after discovering surf, you have the right to surf north to choose up TM03 - Water Pulse and a Luck Incense. Next, smash the absent on the ideal side and exit the cave. Monitor the path listed and girlfriend should be able to move along just fine. Pick up the Awakening beside the first trainer and TM09 - bullet Seed past the Twins. After learning Cut, girlfriend can cut down the tree eastern of the Twins and talk to the human being inside because that TM78 - Captivate. Then you"ll arrive at Floaroma Town.