Fashion designer luigi Dell’Olio, whose classic apparel has actually been a clip on QVC, will certainly no longer doing the on-air gift on his apparel line ~ above the home shopping network.

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Dell’Olio post the news on on facebook last week, basically saying it to be getting more and more daunting for him to pertained to West Chester since of the lose of his wife, Jac, who frequently modeled his clothes on QVC.

The reaction native his pan was very understanding and also positive, and also Dell’Olio post a second message ~ above FB thanking everyone.

We composed a post around Dell’Olio’s mam passing in so late December 2017. It had actually a lot of an interpretation to us due to the fact that our younger brother Jimmy had died around the same time the year, approximately a week after Jac happen away. The headline was something around heartbreak coming approximately the holidays.

In his FB short articles Dell’Olio stated it was fairly a stress, overload to make the six-plus hour round trip to QVC’s studio in all kinds the weather for virtually 20 years. That lamented having to remain at a local hotel alone, together it reminded the of his wife.

We uncovered this heat touching and amusing in ~ the same time: “I will certainly no longer need to eat at the Outback by myself, the just restaurant within mile of the hotel.”

We understand Dell’Olio misses his wife and it have to be sad to dine solo. And also to be stuck eating at Outback? Oy!!!!!!

Dell’Olio composed that Jennifer will be serving on the on-air spokesperson because that his line currently on QVC.

We great him well and continued heal from his loss.

23 Responses to “Designer luigi Dell’Olio procedures Down together On-Air Rep because that His QVCLine”

elizabeth langevin Says:October 6, 2019 at 8:53 afternoon | answer

I seriously don’t know how Louis did it best after his beloved wife passed, the actually broke down speaking to mary Beth, it damaged my heart also seeing who in together pain. Ns wish luigi the best, life his life, and hope to store seeing his clothes, by much the finest line top top the Q, and one ns buy end the yrs. I additionally remember as soon as he was creating for Ann Klein, and the clothing were gorgeous.

* Says:October 7, 2019 in ~ 10:04 afternoon | answer

I’d love to have actually a suit prefer that.

Jerri Says:October 9, 2019 in ~ 7:13 pm | reply

It’s a beauty. And also OLD. I bought that in ’93, pretty lot at the end of his Ann Klein days. I’ve stored the in garments bags, maintained it clean, and also wear it just 3 or 4 time a year, if that. As I said, the design is timeless and looks together on suggest today as it did ago then.I have actually a little handful of designer pieces, and some indigenous specialty shops in san Francisco that although room not designer, space still faves around 30 year later. The proves the if friend take proper care of good clothes, they will certainly last, unless worn very frequently.The suit has been a no brainier as soon as I didn’t recognize what come wear. I hope you uncover such a suit, Ms. Moss. Everyone should have actually that special item that they deserve to wear virtually anywhere.

elizabeth langevin Says:October 9, 2019 at 8:12 afternoon | reply

The Q supplied to have actually some lovely pieces, in 100% silk, which ns own, from **Koos that Course**, remember? They likewise did some beautiful leather and also suede jackets, and skirts, currently it’s all faux, however still charging a great deal. Favor the Tolani line, ns can acquire the 100% silk versions in ~ Neiman for simply a few dollars more. The Q has a large mark increase on the line as they carry out others. I hafta to speak Denim and also Co. Do a really good job with their line. Yet, because that fashion and also quality, Linea is winner. I have a coat , from possibly 10 yrs earlier by Louis, and just the lining, and cloth is for this reason beautiful, fine made v beautiful fabric, no various other line doe that.I loved, and wore his designs indigenous Ann Klein, beautiful fabrics and designs, and also the Q is so fortunate to have actually louis creating for them. I hope Louis to know what fans he has, and also I hope the Q doesn’t force him into doing their very same ole’, every designer has actually it in it, very same ole’ articles, just done by another line. I perform somehow remember Louis saying the Q wanted him to perform an at leisure outfit, a few yrs ago, and also he do the ideal of it, together I remember. I swear if ns see another jean heat i’m gonna happen out. That is what is therefore much much better on HSN, their garments lines, and always have been, so various , and unique to each designer. This is why linear is so unique, it’s pure classy sophistication.I simply really expect Louis finds part peace, he really deserves it.

Lola Says:October 18, 2019 at 6:58 pm | reply

I felt so poor hearing of Jac’s passing, and you could tell Louis was hurting. He will be let go on QVC, but he demands this time to heal and relax. And the Q isn’t what it used to be, anyway.His apparel are timeless and also I hope he’ll keep designing.

John Says:October 18, 2019 at 8:05 afternoon | reply

I’m not much of a residence shopping person; my mommy was. I’m creating this 1- in sympathy because that Louis, I’m happy he’s taking a break. And 2- due to the fact that when one companion dies in a lengthy term relationship, the deeply results the one left behind.My dad passed around a year prior to Jac did. Louis was on QVC, and I to be watching v my mom. She started crying and said the she knew specifically how louis felt. She and my dad were married over 50 years, and also his passing had really influenced my mom.My sibling and I spent an ext time with her, referred to as her every day, and made sure she had everything she needed. She to be okay, however sad, at first. Then she started declining. She had a clinical condition, yet was controlling it well. It was grief the was obtaining her. She has actually a huge family, and also they consisted of her with everything, but the light was gone from she eyes.She passed away this last summer. The reason of fatality is listed as the medical condition she had. We understand better. She missed Dad and didn’t understand what to execute without him. Sure, their marriage had its ups and downs, but their love and also faith retained them together. She lived much less than 3 year after his passing. She had actually us kids, however her anchor to be gone.I miss out on them both, but feel sadder for Mom. She to be the one left behind, favor Louis was. You re welcome enjoy and also appreciate every single day with your loved ones. As soon as they space gone, hopefully her memories that them will certainly comfort you.

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Kathy Says:November 6, 2019 at 2:48 to be | reply

JohnWhat a beautiful, sorrowful post. I walk in her shoes. I, too, am glad louis is taking a break. The soldiered long enough after Jac’s death.My mother passed away in September 2018, suddenly and unexpectedly. She was fine one day, and died in the hospital the next. Some weird sort of aneurysm. Dad remained in shock.He had actually his hunting/fishing buddies from years ago, lock didn’t hunt but played poker because that pennies around twice a month. Both mine brother and I live nearby by. Dad’s sisters and brother come by a lot, too. However he simply wasn’t the same. His blood pressure was fine, his heart, kidneys… everything. He shed weight(and he to be a good cook), he quit playing poker, he never looked happy. His sister discovered him dead, in his recliner, critical July. She had actually a key thankfully, and let herself in. The hadn’t to be gone long. He passed away of a damaged heart. That missed Mom much more than he might bear.My brother has 2 college period sons, and also a sweet wife. I, the career girl, have my job. Yet lately, I’ve been spending a lot an ext time with my brother and also his family. Us will spend the holidays (minus Christmas Eve, i m sorry is invested at mine SILs family’s) together, and shot to do the finest of it.John, ns hope you spend the holidays with your sibling, and also that it’s a nice season, regardless of everything. You, too, Louis. Our departed love ones would want it the way.

Chris Says:November 12, 2019 in ~ 11:29 pm | answer

John, Trisha,

Losing her parents hurts