This is a list of the radioactive aspects of the periodic table. While all aspects have some radioactive isotopes, these 37 elements have no steady isotopes. These aspects are considered the “radioactive elements”.

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The routine table above is a visual depiction of the data in the table below. That is easily accessible to download as picture or black and also white PDF.

Table of radioactive Elements

This is a perform of the radioactive elements and their most stable isotopes. While numerous of these elements have half-lives so lengthy they nearly appear stable, the heavier facets decay virtually instantly.

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ElementMost StableIsotopeHalf-life of MostStable Isotope
TechnetiumTc-914.21 x 106 years
PromethiumPm-14517.4 years
PoloniumPo-209102 years
AstatineAt-2108.1 hours
RadonRn-2223.82 days
FranciumFr-22322 minutes
RadiumRa-2261600 years
ActiniumAc-22721.77 years
ThoriumTh-2297.54 x 104 years
ProtactiniumPa-2313.28 x 104 years
UraniumU-2362.34 x 107 years
NeptuniumNp-2372.14 x 106 years
PlutoniumPu-2448.00 x 107 years
AmericiumAm-2437370 years
CuriumCm-2471.56 x 107 years
BerkeliumBk-2471380 years
CaliforniumCf-251898 years
EinsteiniumEs-252471.7 days
FermiumFm-257100.5 days
MendeleviumMd-25851.5 days
NobeliumNo-25958 minutes
LawrenciumLr-2624 hours
RutherfordiumRf-26513 hours
DubniumDb-26832 hours
SeaborgiumSg-2712.4 minutes
BohriumBh-26717 seconds
HassiumHs-2699.7 seconds
MeitneriumMt-2760.72 seconds
DarmstadtiumDs-28111.1 seconds
RoentgeniumRg-28126 seconds
CoperniciumCn-28529 seconds
NihoniumNh-2840.48 seconds
FleroviumFl-2892.65 seconds
MoscoviumMc-28987 milliseconds
LivermoriumLv-29361 milliseconds
OganessonOg-2941.8 milliseconds

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