The Jefferson nation Store exterior Demopolis, Alabama — Hoop Cheese, Souse, Rag Bologna


Hi – I’m Ginger. I document vernacular and visionary art and art environments, graveshelters, and also study Southern folkways. Besides those things, I prefer to re-publishing recipes and visits to fab restaurants and hotels here.

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I to be married come the ideal person I’ve ever before known, and also we space just smitten with our two sons that are simply 15 month apart.

My ‘real job’ is an imaginative Director in ~ a magazine which is crazy fun.

We split our time between Birmingham and also New Orleans though speak to anywhere we room ‘home’. I flourished up a small-town girl and am the 7th generation the my family members born in Alabama.

I shot to it is in a curator of kindness, goodness, and interesting experiences.

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And I’m so happy you’re here.You can email me at:ginger (dot) com

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Being Published

Favorite Hotels:1. Ritz-Carlton, new Orleans2. Cosmopolitan, ras Vegas3. Mansion ~ above Forsyth Park, Savannah4. 21C Museum Hotel, Bentonville5. The Driskill, Austin