Ever feel tired of smoking cigarettes your existing cigarette brand? Smokers used to acting peacefully, see the tobacco package looks therefore clean with no warning wellness signage or grotesque images of condition caused by smoking.

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Pink Elephant Cigarettes

But currently smokers yes, really missed having a clean parcel of cigarettes, too many warning signs too countless grotesque images. Or basically you simply bored and also want other new?

Pink Elephant is right here for you.

The Sexy and Beautiful Pink Elephant

If a tobacco is a living thing like person the Pink Elephant is a portrayal the a warm sexy mrs that guys couldn’t resist close to it.

The violet package through a pink tobacco symbolizes a sexy and also sensual thing.

Cigarette in Pink (image: flickr.com)

For years Heupink and Bloemen Tobacco company based in the Netherlands, has actually strived to change the otherwise generic taste and appearance of everybody’s favourite carcinogen.

The Dutch company has rolled the end a collection of colored and also flavored cigarettes, ranging from the chocolate-flavored black color Devils to the vanilla-infused Pink Elephants.

With flavors and colors draft to fulfill all tastes, these cigarettes are sure to lure a whole new generation that smokers.

Cute Pink Cigarette

Pink Elephant cigarettes are marketed in the Netherlands, Germany, Austria, France, Spain, Switzerland, Poland, Czech Republic, and Japan, return they are rather daunting to achieve because they space not sold routinely at gas stations, supermarkets and also even devoted tobacco shops.

To gain a pack of Pink Elephant cigarettes, you have to order them native the firm itself.

Outside of this countries, you deserve to mainly order lock from virtual tobacco keep websites, with the exception of countries like the United States where flavored cigarettes room banned.

Fancy cigarette (image: flickr.com)

This cigarette targets women smokers v its sleek and sexy looks. It has a very strong feminine vibe from the Pink Elephant that once a woman lights the up and also carries it roughly it will complement their nail colors.

The price of one load of Pink Elephant is approximately $7 dollars, its rather expensive because that a cigarette but you will an alert it when you open the package.


Inside lies a 20 class A cigarette and also its pink! the vivid pink shade attracts the eye well everyone’s eye.

People will stop for a second and ask girlfriend what is the you space smoking, or just to stare at because basically the cigarette is not with white paper.

Cigarrillo Rosa (Spanish)
Różowy Papieros (Polish)
Pозовая Cигарета (Russian)

Pink Elephant or Pink Panther?

ピンクのタバコ (image: irrationalityredefined.blogspot.com)

This is absolutely a mrs cigar but who states that pink is a girly color? Both women and men smokers have actually a curiosity for the Pink Elephant. In regards to taste, that is a light cigarette v a touch of vanilla accent in it.

So don’t intend that the Pink Elephant is a strong cigarette, its an ideal for occasional smokers and women smokers.

Pink Panther (Image: nyfa.edu)

My an individual views and first impression as soon as looking at the Pink Elephant reminds me the the cartoon Pink Panther.

The famous cartoon character that also smokes as well in the intro the every episode! Yes, the suits very perfectly because it carried out the pink color.

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Image: wallpapercave.com

It would be an extremely cool to watch the Pink Elephant brand having actually a collaboration with the Pink Panther. Well, we hope so in the near future.