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"When ns Hear Music" is a tune co-written by American songwriter/producer Tony Butler and freestyle singer Debbie Deb. Released together her debut solitary on in march 13, 1983, the tune did no chart top top the Billboard warm 100, but it was a fight in run clubs and had major airplay throughout the U. S. Well right into the so late 1980s. A July 1990 transfer of WIOQ-FM "Q102" in Philadelphia featured the song"s airplay during the morning show. Today, in many cities, the song continues to air on the radio, including KUMU-FM 94. 7 in Honolulu (on Oct. 17, 2019) and also XHRM-FM 92.5 in mountain Diego-Tijuana. The track once appeared in a 2007 episode of Bones. The track still receives airplay on major radio train station in the joined States. It reached number 43 top top Billboard"s warm R&B/Hip-Hop song chart. Reggaetón artist Voltio has a sample that the tune in his 2008 song, "Pónmela".

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A an extensive cut the the song can be heard in the Pónmela music video clip during the song"s break.more »

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When i hear music, it makes me danceYou got the music, here"s my chance(When ns hear music, it renders me dance)(You gained the music, here"s mine chance)Went come the disco, couldn"t think my eyesI looked on the run floor, observed so countless guysI request myself, can this yes, really be?Whether the is or not, I"m going to see(When ns hear music, it renders me dance)(You acquired the music, here"s mine chance)The guys look yes, really fine, they almost blew my mind(They almost blew my mind)The guys looked yes, really good, similar to I knew lock wouldAnd I"m gonna get a male if I obtain a chanceHere"s my chanceWhen ns hear music, it renders me danceYou obtained the music, here"s mine chanceWhen i hear music (it renders me dance)You gained the music (here"s my chance)The night is still young and I"m gonna have some funAnd I"m in a trance, every I desire to carry out is dance(Watch me dance)Everybody"s having fun, and also the music"s number oneAnd the lights room shining bright, there"s a party below tonightWhen ns hear music, it makes me danceYou obtained the music, now it"s her chance(Everybody dance)(It renders me dance)It started acquiring late, the night was yes, really greatWhen i hear mu-MusicGive me a cha-Here"s your cha-(When i hear music, i wanna dance)(You obtained the music, I"m gonna dance)When i hear music (it renders me dance)You got the music (here"s my chance)When i hear music, it makes me danceYou gained the music, here"s my chanceWhen i hear music (it renders me dance)You acquired the music (I wanna dance)(When i hear music) it makes me dance(You gained the music) here"s mine chanceWhen ns hear music, it renders me danceYou obtained the music (here"s my chance)

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Debbie Deb Deborah Claire Wesoff-Kowalski, much better known as Debbie Deb, is one American singer, ideal known for 1980s freestyle dance song such as "Lookout Weekend" and also "When i Hear Music". More »