Now the we"re five seasons and also over 100 illustration in to "Pretty tiny Liars," the show"s core actors has gone through enough twists, turns, makeovers and deaths (real and fake) to readjust their lives forever. However no one top top the present has had a bumpier ride 보다 Spencer Hastings (Troian Bellisario), who will confront a pretty major murder charge when the present returns for its Christmas special, "How the "A" Stole Christmas," next Tuesday (December 9).

So, just how did Spencer go from a blazer-wielding preppie:


... All in a couple of short years? Let"s take a walk down "PLL" memory lane come jog our memories.

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First, Spencer"s BFF Alison faked her very own death.


This was the start of everything, though "A" didn"t show up because that Spencer and also co. Till a complete year later.

Then, she was practically murdered by her brother-in-law while she sought A.



Her connection with Toby offered her some newfound confidence as well as a (usually) reliable confidant, but it also gave A some more leverage as soon as it came to emotionally terrorizing Spencer.

... But kissed Wren for good measure.

The lover A easily pressured Spencer into breaking up v Toby, proving because that the an initial time just how much affect he (or she) had actually in every one of their lives. A poorly recommend kiss with her shady sister"s shady on-again, off-again boyfriend Wren shortly followed.

Soon enough, someone really close to Spencer gained hurt.

"A" quickly injured Toby when Spencer got close to him again, forcing Spencer to push him away even further.

And eventually, she couldn"t also trust her parents.

When Spencer found out the her parents were lying to her around having a an enig half-brother, her difficult exterior started to crack...

But in the Season 2 finale, Spencer confirmed herself again by beating Mona.

For the second season finale in a row, Spencer found herself in mortal peril -- however she quickly proved that was was an ext than capable of acquisition on Mona as soon as she pulled the emergency break on the car, and led the various other Liars to their whereabouts. Basically, Spencer conserved the day!

In Season 3, through A/Mona behind bars, Spencer acquired close with Toby again... But not too close.

She still hosted on to that V-Card.

... Until later on in the season, as soon as she realized she reliable him enough to have sex.


This became Spencer"s "Scream" moment, due to the fact that she soon found out Toby to be on the A-Team.

... This to be the moment when every "PLL" fan"s heart broke. Spencer was never ever the same...

In no time, Spencer remained in Radley as a "Jane Doe" psychological inmate.

To be fair, it"s because she assumed that Toby was dead.

... Yet when she gained out, she made up with Toby. Again.

Their sex-related reunion -- Toby had only betrayed Spencer to find out information about his dead mother/protect the Liars -- was quickly interrupted by a fire, and also the fact that Alison was perhaps alive!

When Season 4 hit, Spencer to be a complete badass, as well as the only Liar smart sufficient to see v Ezra.

Spence quickly proved again the she to be "the clever one," putting together sufficient pie-order related proof to nail Ezra together Alison"s famed "Board Shorts."

... However, an addiction to amphetamines derailed her efforts.

Some rehab helped, yet Spence"s public photo took a significant hit. Also, she soon learned the this wasn"t her an initial stint v drugs, as her parents had hid a vault "incident" that was wiped native Spencer"s drug-addled memory from their daughter.

She couldn"t perhaps be qualified of murder, though... Can she?!

Next, Spencer remembered some horrifying secrets around her past with Alison.

Spencer when again wondered about her very own sanity when she remembered possibly hitting Alison through a shovel top top the night the her death (or disappearance, whatever).

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However, Melissa and the newly-returned Alison shortly assuaged Spencer"s guilt.

When the police zeroed in ~ above Alison because that Bethany Young"s murder, Alison betrayed Spencer, revealing to them she addiction and a potential engine -- she killed Bethany to assist Ali, who"d assisted her through her pill problem. Spence"s drug history and shady past with the police and Radley made her basic suspect, so currently she"s in jail for a murder she didn"t commit. And Mona, that actually had the proof to relieve Spencer, has been killed. Yep, points aren"t spring too an excellent for our plaid-wearing heroine.

Will Spencer be let off the hook for Bethany"s killing in the Christmas special? What"s her favorite Hastings moment? let us recognize in the comments!