Elizabeth keeps encountering Darcy throughout her walks v the park and also is bothered when, rather than leaving she alone, he continues to sign up with her. One day, she meets Colonel Fitzwilliam together she"s walking and they begin discussing Darcy"s character. Once Fitzwilliam relates the story the "a many imprudent marriage" the Darcy conserved Bingley from, Elizabeth infers the he is speaking of Jane and also reflects upon Darcy"s actions v anger and also tears once she returns to she room. Emotion unfit to check out Lady Catherine and also especially wanting to stop Darcy, Elizabeth decides no to walk to Rosings the night for dinner, informing Charlotte the she has actually a headache.

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After everyone has left for Rosings, Elizabeth is startled by the come of Darcy, who inquires around her health. After ~ a couple of minutes of silence, Darcy shocks Elizabeth through a declaration of love because that her and a proposal of marriage. Initially flattered through his regard, Elizabeth"s feelings turn to outrage together Darcy catalogs every one of the factors why he has actually resisted his feeling for she — namely just how her worse social class would degrade his own standing and also the difficulty of she family. Elizabeth subsequently stuns Darcy by refusing his proposal, stating, "I had not recognized you a month prior to I felt that you to be the last man in the human being whom I can ever be dominated on to marry." She condemns him for separating Jane and Bingley, for dealing with Wickham poorly, and also for his arrogance and selfishness. That accepts this accusations there is no apology, also with contempt. However, the flinches as soon as she accuses that of not behaving favor a gentleman and when Elizabeth finishes she denunciation the him, Darcy angrily departs. Overwhelmed through emotion, Elizabeth cries for a half hour afterward and retreats to she room once everyone return home.

As Elizabeth is go the next morning, Darcy ideologies her, provides her a letter, and also leaves she alone to check out it. In the letter, Darcy does no renew his marriage proposal, yet instead addresses Elizabeth"s two main objections to him: his involvement in Jane and Bingley"s breakup and his treatment of Wickham. Concerning Jane and Bingley, Darcy says that he believed that mrs did not love Bingley, and he consequently convinced Bingley that it was so, together well. That admits that he want to save Bingley from an imprudent marriage, however he stresses that he felt the Jane"s feel were no deeply affiliated because her calm nature never displayed any indication that her solid attachment. Darcy adds the Jane"s mother, her 3 younger sisters, and even she father act improperly in public and create a spectacle of themselves.

As for Wickham, Darcy states that the is a pleasant but unprincipled guy who is greedy and vengeful. Contradictory to Wickham"s account, Darcy asserts the he did no deprive Wickham of the clergyman position without compensation. Instead, together Wickham"s request, Darcy gave him 3,000 pounds to use to research law. Wickham squandered the money, tried to get an ext from Darcy, and also when that failed, tried to elope with Darcy"s sister. Darcy directs Elizabeth to ask Colonel Fitzwilliam because that confirmation of noþeles she concerns in his letter.

At first, Elizabeth refuses to think the letter, yet after rereading it and also thinking back on the situations Darcy recounts, she shortly realizes, through a great deal that shock and also chagrin, that it is completely true. Reflecting upon her former behavior and also views, she is horrified and also ashamed and exclaims, "I have courted prepossession and also ignorance, and also driven reason away, whereby either were concerned. Till this moment, I never ever knew myself." Depressed and also ashamed, she finally returns to the parsonage, and also learns that both Darcy and also Colonel Fitzwilliam had actually visited and gone.


These chapters are amongst the most crucial of the novel. They existing the plot"s orgasm — the transforming point the the action of the novel — and the beginning of the denouement — the resolution that the plot. Here, Elizabeth experience her great self-revelation about her prejudices, and also Darcy obtain a comparable blow come his own expectations and perceptions the the world.

Austen has carefully structured the plot so the Darcy"s proposal comes at the height of Elizabeth"s anger toward him. Elizabeth"s conversation v Colonel Fitzwilliam pipeline her so upset and resentful the Darcy the she renders herself sick thinking around how he has harmed she sister. Her feelings room such that she cannot bear the assumed of seeing him. In ~ the same time, Darcy"s feelings because that Elizabeth have actually reached the allude of compelling the to go to her and also expose his heart, resulting in his outburst, "In vain have actually I struggled. It will not do. My feelings will not it is in repressed. Girlfriend must enable me to tell you just how ardently ns admire and also love you."

The proposal itself is filled through pride together Darcy describes all the obstacles which he has had actually to get rid of in stimulate to do himself take this step. Fairly than emphasizing his love because that Elizabeth, he focuses on the negative of the situation and makes disparaging comments around her family. Meanwhile, the proposal completely stuns Elizabeth. She has actually been remote to Darcy"s affections because that her because she has actually been so prejudiced versus him. Keep in mind that transparent the scene, Darcy accuses Elizabeth the pride, while Elizabeth accuses that of prejudice — one ironic reversal that the means readers have viewed every character. Elizabeth tells him the he was prejudiced versus Wickham, versus Jane, and versus things that execute not fit right into his social world. In turn, he tells her the she would not be so adamant "had no your pride to be hurt through my honest confession." This ironic reversal emphasizes that both Elizabeth and Darcy have actually been guilty that both pride and also prejudice.

Darcy"s letter is vital in three ways. First, that clarifies plot clues from previously in the publication by explaining exactly what Darcy"s duty was in Bingley"s sudden departure and also Wickham"s job problems. Secondly, the letter offers the reader through invaluable insights right into Darcy"s mind and personality. Because most that the story is told from Elizabeth"s perspective, reader have small chance to know Darcy beyond his external behavior. Yet the most important element of the letter is the influence it has on Elizabeth. Through Elizabeth"s reactions to the letter, Austen masterfully display screens the procedure of revelation and also self-discovery.

Watch the gradual technique by which Elizabeth concerns a self-revelation of her very own pride and prejudice. She starts reading the letter "with a solid prejudice against everything he can say." Then as she reads the letter a second and a 3rd time, one or two things begin to to win her as being true. ~ she has lugged herself to accept one statement together being true, she realizes the she must ultimately accept every reality as true or reject them all. Her final realization is the she has been "blind, partial, prejudiced and absurd." Previously, she had dubbed Jane blind, and also now she has got a moral understanding into her very own character and also sees the she has likewise been blind. This, therefore, is her critical recognition around herself. Consequently, Elizabeth"s character boosts in depth as she is maybe to analyze herself and also come to these realizations.


haunt a place frequently visited.

rencontre a casual meeting, just like a friend.

pales narrow, upright, sharp stakes supplied in fences; pickets.

tractable easily managed, taught, or controlled; docile; compliant.

prodigious wonderful; amazing.

conjecture an inference, theory, or prediction based upon guesswork.

scrape a disagreeable or awkward situation; predicament, especially when caused by one"s own conduct.

officious offering unnecessary and unwanted advice; meddlesome.

avowal open acknowledgment or declaration.

disapprobation disapproval.

tumult great emotional disturbance; agitation of mind.

plantation a large, cultivated planting the trees.

depravity a depraved condition; corruption; wickedness.

pecuniary of or including money.

in lieu the in place of; rather of.

obtruded to market or force (oneself or one"s opinions) upon others unasked or unwanted.

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connivance passive cooperation, together by consent or pretended ignorance, especially in wrongdoing.