This idea concerned me a couple of days earlier but I simply wasn"t bothered to compose it, however I made decision to no be a Nick and actually create it. This is my opinion you re welcome respect it, but feel complimentary to discuss things you might not 100% agree on.

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Winx or very first transformation:

Must say i love the basic-ness the this one, but it is a little revealing. The spells are, well, median they"re not strong but this is the very first year, so i wouldn"t intend anything amazing. One thing that did record my eye was their ability for four new fairies to beat two an elderly witches, (the season finale that season 1.) What? i didn"t obtain that. What I additionally didn"t gain is the Bloom was never able to do that impressive dragon she used versus Icy. Why couldn"t she -with the help of Charmix- once she to be strapped down or fighting Darkar, provided her Charmix and also do that entirety amazing dragon thing? I acquire it that v Valtor that froze her Dragon and also the Wizards of the black Circle to be immune why no Tritannus? The dragon seemed favor a one turn off thing. If you were capable of publication such point would girlfriend not perform it? possibly the dragon thing was just the very first idea to end up Icy off, yet couldn"t Icy do that aswell? five wait, she did but Bloom damaged that spell even though that doesn"t do sense.Senior Witch - Dragon FlameFirst year Fairy - Dragon FlameThey both have actually the very same amount that Dragon Flame yet Icy"s level is stronger so that didn"t make sense.Charmix:


Okay ns get brand-new transformation come beat brand-new bad male right? Yes just season 2 for this reason they would try and make a great impression? Meh, not really, it"s a bag v a price symbolizing your power choose a badge on your top. Just how do you knife it? well you require to contact your inner emotion. Apparently it provides their power stronger, fine it did but a bag, bag? Really? Okay when I kind of acquired over the truth that your second transformation was a bag through a badge, i thought around season 3. Why aren"t they using Charmix then? Is it no usage now? has is to be disposed of until further notice. Charmix was definitely stronger the their an initial transformation therefore why didn"t they use it? the was what really obtained to me. Surely ns can"t it is in the only one the noticed Iginio Straffi"s tiny "mistake" if you desire to call it that. Going back to the bag thing, just how does a bag offer you power? does it have actually like a little bit of power and once it"s offered you can never use it again? ns remember Tecna saying "you go and also I"ll take care of these bugs don"t threaten your Charmix." Or something choose that, all I might say was "huh?" Enchantix:


Enchantix was constantly my personal favorite. Because that me the was and will constantly be the many fairy-like transformation. Just how do you acquire it? Simple, you should save someone from your realm. Stella saved her father from a dragon, Musa conserved Galatea the Princess the Melody indigenous a fire, Layla/Aisha saved the Queen that mermaids by sacrificing her sight to heal the Queen, Tecna conserved Magix through sacrificing she life, Flora willingly drowning to save her sister, and last but not the very least we have Bloom. What did she do? Simply believed in she self. No, the wasn"t a typo, she was let of virtually killing herself for someone. People could argue there to be no-one left for her to save, five contraire, DAPHNE! ns don"t know exactly how Bloom would"ve saved her but there is an option. Looks favor someone has actually a favorite...Believix:


What. The. Hell. What type of a transformation is this? ns don"t median the sparkly outfits of course, I"m talking around the way to earn it. Do one person think in magic... No ten no fifty no a whole city, one. How deserve to you go from a proper sacrifice because that Enchantix come this? and let me clean this up for human being who don"t know, Roxy doesn"t have actually Believix. She only has actually bigger wings because she is an earth fairy. If any of you are start bitching about she is a Believix fairy, Bloom has actually said to her on many occasions "you need to stay right here this mission is as well dangerous for fairies who don"t have Believix." Or "you can"t carry out it unless you have Believix, sorry." so if the isn"t proof then i don"t know what is...Sophix and also Lovix:


I don"t have actually much to say about this one simply because I have actually no idea the what the is. Ns really don"t acquire them. Weren"t castle only offered for favor 2 episodes each? and also then as soon as The Winx had actually finished with Sophix and Lovix the went back to Believix. That"s not all ns don"t get, isn"t one summer related and also the other winter related? ns don"t recognize which is which due to the fact that it never made sense to me. Go the Rainbow staff feel the need, simply a small urge to add two little useless (apart from that useless mission they required it because that to do it to 26 episodes) transformations? and also finally, isn"t Sophix and Lovix supposed to it is in some kind of a gift? What? "Oh here you go just a small thanks for every little thing just open up the box and a summer/winter themed outfit will certainly be your next transformation. Feel complimentary to do every little thing the hell you ant after this mission you must have a summer/winter themed outfit for." Just, what?Harmonix:

I don"t acquire why world don"t choose this transformation. This one is useful, Believix just doesn"t work underwater for this reason they require a new transformation to help them on the quest for Sirenix. And also this one isn"t useless prefer Sophix and Lovix and also especially Charmix. It"s pretty also so girlfriend can"t dislike on Harmonix. This one is also kind of a totally free gift for this reason no hate. There"s not much meat on these bones.Sirenix:

I think quest-wise is my favorite, ns love the truth that there"s a ideal quest involved and there"s a risk if girlfriend don"t finish it, obviously all of them will pass so no surprised there. As much as I do like the transformation, I dislike that a scene that is "shot" in the infinite Ocean must be 3D. The season isn"t good and their voices don"t assist but this is around the transformation so, yeah. I actually like their "leggings" i guess and the highlights space cool. Yet I don"t favor that Stella"s hair goes totally green when she enters the infinite Ocean. Why green? Couldn"t she have pink/red highlights that would certainly be much much better and suit her hair much better. I"ve obtained blonde hair myself and I think pink/red go with blonde hair. Maybe also dark/bright blue, to a particular extent. However green, green? No, and also it"s not like she has like top top bit environment-friendly it"s her whole damn head. No one else has actually a man hair colour, just Stella.I wanted it once the earned your levels individually, except Sirenix when they had actually to finish a search together.Anyway thanks for reading and also I"ve just gained to grips with the including images. As soon as I created my an initial article ns was favor "Ooooooh look i can include images,"then as soon as I in reality looked in ~ it ns was choose "aw upper and lower reversal it I"ll just have actually one photo at the bottom." I have actually to modify it now yet thanks because that reading!!
InternetAddictNice article! and also congrats because that knowing just how to emb images. It"s fairly easy however most people don"t acquire it.I agree v the Believix part. It is pretty, yet seriously? "You should make someone who truly doesn"t believe in magic to think in it", wow the method earning that so dumb -_-Harmonix isn"t much helpful but it"s really beautiful. If only they"ve tried harder to swim in Believix kind Harmonix wouldn"t be in the series.Sophix and Lovix-- correct! It"s no beautiful, it"s simply two nice transformations supplied in 4 episodes (2 because that Sophix, 2 for Lovix). I just don"t gain why this is needed so much. "Gifts the Destiny", eh?Sirenix -- Yes, the search was Winxsome! however they seriously didn"t should make that 3D at any time they walk to the unlimited Ocean *"cuz 3D Tritannus makes me puke*. The leggings room really beautiful and also whenever I create an OC, ns love doing Sirenix (and Enchantix)! Yeah, Stella"s hair to be beautiful blonde ended up being funky green. Flora"s dirty blonde came to be pinky pink -_- Nice shot Nick, but we fans prefer 2D Sirenix without highlights!Anyways, this short article is good!
WinxClub_StellaThanks, took me around two days come write and also plan the so I"m happy you enjoyed it. :-) I carry out take a love come writing articles and adding a little humor come it :p. So thanks for reading.Also, because that Sophix and Lovix the couldn"t have actually been stronger since they would have actually stayed with it. Therefore why usage it? and also if they are magical creatures I"m certain they deserve to keep heat if they want to. Doesn"t make feeling :/-WinxClub-Stella
lovebaltorYour reasons for liking or disliking Winx aren"t an extremely strong. You give one downside, the the outfits space a little revoking, however that"s every you yes, really go on around the subject. I deserve to understand her frustration that Bloom win Icy being a freshman, and Icy gift a an elderly but come on; it"s Bloom, she constantly wins no matter what stage she"s in. Charmix isn"t useless. There is no it, lock wouldn"t have the ability to enter Realix. And I"m sorry, however the way they earn Charmix was more than likely the best means they"ve deserve any transformation. It"s around overcoming your fears and finding your inner strength. Not favor Harmonix, Believix and also Sirenix where you just--got everything you needed and they all got it. That"s bull. I don"t really acquire the bags either, yet I still like the transformation.I hate Sophix and Lovix too. But it"s mostly for just how whorish Sophix is and how awkward looking Lovix is. They are type if useful. They are presents of destiny and their specific powers were used to shot and convince Diana and Aurora to protect against the war versus humans. (So lock pretty much saved Gardenia from total annihilation and either ending up being a tropical or frozen over favor the ice cream age) I"m sorry, yet Harmonix was very pointless. Friend think Charmix to be pointless? fine at least it helped them go into an additional realm (Remind you of something?) and also it did make them stronger. Believix was sort of pointless, however making people think in them made the Winx stronger, which then made the earth fairies stronger and also the Wizards weaker; something beneficial to the plot. Harmonix ~ above the other hand? It just made them may be to use their strength underwater and move better. Uh pardon me, but they can use their abilities and also move just fine underwater in the past. In season one, when Flora travels to black Mud Swamp and also meets those nymphs, they go underwater to save Musa that was assaulted by this gigantic turtle. In season 3, castle swam simply fine under Andros while searching for Ligea. For this reason they just developed a large plot hole!
WinxClub_StellaI didn"t realize Charmix helped acquire entrance to Realix, however I didn"t get it to be a bag v a badge. Harmonix to be to assist them top top the pursuit to Sirenix, Believix just couldn"t do it, ns don"t discover Harmonix to be useless. Perhaps the fact that various other transformations might go underwater was they were slightly more adapted come underwater, vice versa, (to make another transformation) Belieivix couldn"t cope through the air press underwater. I actually only like Winx because of their outfits and also how (excluding Tecna and also to a certain extent Flora) they have actually one colour each and a small piece clothes is made out of that.
XxLalasaysxXI agree, except for one little thing because that winx. Where you said it"s revealing. I offered Iginio a pass for this since they put boyshorts under, friend cant always see them though. Various other than the flawless!
WinxClub_StellaThanks, and also I recognize everyone seems to think Harmonix pointless, why? that wasn"t completely pointless and least it assisted them because that Sirenix.
FloraorStellaHmm... An excellent article. Nice pics. Easy to understand. What"s missing? i guess the is that you have missunderstood some points. Choose Charmix. That was important to get in Realix. And also yes, ns agree Believix to be not specifically quite fair-like. Infact, that looked prefer they were going come an R&B concert or something. However it provided them an ext power, so it wasn"t the bad.Other than that, i agree Enchantix is the best. :) Harmonix wasn"t meaningless either. Sirenix was good though. But Enchantix will constantly be my favorite.

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crystal_winxik that is stupid believix and also how Roxy should gets enlarge wings than everyone else i hate the 3d because look in ~ bloom and also aish"s challenge when they"re trying to obtain mad ridiculous
the end of bespeak part.2
posted by florasedge31
Okay read this so it"ll make part sense.Bloom is in Aisha"s bodyAisha is in Flora"s bodyTecna is in in Musa"s body Flora is in Tecna"s bodyMusa is in Bloom"s bodyKeep this in mind. Great luck!---------------------------------------------------------------"WHAT DID you DO!?" The winx yelled in ~ Stella."I candid don"t know, what did i do?" Stella request confused."We switched bodies and also none of united state said any spells." Bloom said.(In Aisha"s body)"Oh that"s what that did?""YEAH!" The winx yelled."Wheres the book you had?" Flora asked. *In Tecna"s body)Stella go over and also picked increase the book."Right...