If friend are new to diamond shopping, the myriad the details you face when make your an option are often overwhelming. Friend learn around carat weight, cut, color and clarity and also how each of these influence the quality and also price of your stone. In finding out all these brand-new terms, you might overlook selecting a diamond with its very own security features constructed right in. Here’s how to discover what diamonds have actually serial numbers and why friend should think about purchasing such a stone.

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Table of Contents1 simply What Diamonds have Serial Numbers?2 how Do I uncover a Diamond v a Serial Number?3 Why is it important for mine Diamond to have a Serial Number?4 Does sculpture a diamond lessen its value? have the right to I see the engraving?

Just What Diamonds have actually Serial Numbers?

Not all diamonds have actually serial numbers. In the US, only diamonds that have been graded by the Gemological institute of America (GIA) lug an engraved serial number.The serial number is engraved into the diamond as component of the certification process and matches the number ~ above the diamond’s certificate.In other countries, there are similar grading and also certifying organizations that certify diamonds.

How carry out I uncover a Diamond with a Serial Number?

Many dependable jewelers bring diamonds that have actually been graded by the GIA. Diamonds room graded as loose stones, no after being put in a piece of jewelry. Plenty of jewelers the offer loosened stones and settings separately have stones that have actually been certified, though you may additionally find a certified diamond that has already been set. Ask to view the certificate before purchase if a diamond v a serial number is necessary to you.

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Why is it important for my Diamond to have a Serial Number?

Since a diamond is frequently a huge investment, it is a an excellent idea to acquisition a certified diamond as a means to safeguard this investment. There room three major benefits come owning a diamond through a serial number.The certificate authenticates the diamond’s details. It mirrors the carat weight, cut, clarity and color. You can be particular these details are true once you buy since of the certificate.The certificate will be detailed in your name after girlfriend purchase. This can assist you recover the diamond if it is lost or stolen because the corresponding number is engraved into the diamond.If you select to offer the diamond, you will be able to attain a better price from a buyer due to the fact that the details the the diamond space certified.

Does engraving a diamond lessen the value? can I watch the engraving?

A diamond is engraved ~ above its girdle, which is a tiny rim around the perimeter. This part of the diamond commonly sits within the setting. Special tools is compelled to view the numbers, therefore these execute not interfere with the diamond’s beauty. As an owner, you would certainly never know the numbers are on the stone without the certificate.Now that you are conscious of what diamonds have serial numbers, you have the right to use this info as girlfriend shop for your diamond. That is always a good idea to buy the finest diamond you have the right to afford, and also having one through a serial number is a great way to ensure you understand what you’re buying and also to safeguard that investment.Learn more:Are Diamond ring Traceable?