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The beginning of cable Cheese (theatlantic.com)
36 points by zvanness ~ above Nov 23, 2014 | hide | past | favorite | 13comments

I'd it is in surprised if cable cheese was invented in 1976. Armenian cable cheese seems favor something that has been approximately for a long time:http://www.seriouseats.com/2010/06/armenian-string-cheese-br...

Yeah, it really is sort of shocking how poor American wire cheese is. It's type of an extruded cheese stick, v very tiny stringiness.Armenian-style wire cheese, top top the other hand, is fairly salty through a wonderfully dense braid, and the black caraway seeds include to the taste. The only downside because that me is the it has tendency to spoil faster than I deserve to eat it.

"American string cheese" is, prefer many commodities in such a huge country, extraordinarily differed such that it seems weird to bump them all together.

Ipsin is most likely referring come the common kraft string cheese or comparable products popular amongst kids.

Its fairly tasty because that what it is - a quick, convenient, and also inexpensive snack. You have to be quite the food snob to contact it shockingly bad.

USA layout string cheese (£15 come £26.50/kg non-offer price) is much more than the expense of tires cheddar (£5 come £12/kg) in my local Tesco supermarket, not an cheap snack by a long shot. The top finish price is the same price together smoked salmon, the UK stereotypical high-quality appetiser. It tastes really plastic-y to me.
It's around $4 a lb (£5.60 per kilogram) in my regional supermarket - means less 보다 smoked salmon and around a third of your price. Keep in mind that this is no on sale!
businessman Joe's has fresh mozzarella cheese sticks the are an extremely different 보다 the plasticy ingredient passed off as string cheese.

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The write-up is talking about a particular "string" cheese packaged in separation, personal, instance serving size (frequently watched in children's lunches) and also specifically referrals it being originally based on one more stringy cheese (mozzarella) through a much much longer history.