OK, I’ll try to make a lengthy story short: i moved into my new farm back in December. Over there is a mobile home nearby that had actually a calico kitty hanging around, and it no long before I noticed she would come end periodically to help herself come the food ns leave the end for mine barn kitty. Ns talked come neighbors about her, and they claimed she to be a stray they started feeding once they moved in since at the moment she to be pregnant and very skinny. They choose animals, yet are an ext dog people, so really don’t care about momma kitty. Simply couldn’t was standing to watch her starve. Stated she provided birth come 2 kittens.

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I’ve seen one kitten (also calico) approx. 8 weeks old now, has actually started complying with momma end to my place. Have never watched the other one, so don’t understand if something happened to that or simply too feral. I’m now nearly positive momma kitty is preggers again. I honestly wouldn’t mind maintaining all the babies indigenous the next litter as barn kitties. My ar went unused together a farm for several years, so several critters to it is in eradicated in the barns.

My concern is, just how long after ~ she gives birth can I take it momma kitty in to it is in spayed therefore I deserve to break the cycle? ns will also take in present kitten, before she have the right to start cranking out litters of her own. Just wish I might find anyone the tomcat is and take him in too…

Marshfield august 27, 2020, 3:28pm #2

She have the right to be spayed now. Otherwise, a couple of weeks short article weaning because that a spay

4Martini august 27, 2020, 3:28pm #3

I couldn’t journey after my C ar for ten days nor carry anything end 20 pounds. So i guess it relies on the size of the cat and also if the vet is in walking distance (totally kidding below


I’m now nearly positive momma kitty is preggers again. Ns honestly i will not ~ mind maintaining all the babies from the following litter together barn kitties.

I will also take in current kitten, before she can start cranking out litters of she own.

Call around and also find out if there is a feral cat routine that will carry out everyone at a diminished cost.

Also, if she is pregnant and also has an additional litter that you keep as barn kitties, obtain everyone in that litter spuetered prior to they start having actually babies. I wouldn’t wait much more than three or 4 months to “fix” the kittens.Sheilah

4Martini– have actually you already had 4 today? and also didn’t invite any of us over? :winkgrin:

IdahoRider– there is a good discount cell phone vet i have taken all the strays to end the years, and also she’s in my area today yet was already full for surgeries. (only $50 for feline spay, $25 because that neuter!) Hopefully, momma kitty will certainly have offered birth and can take she in following month when vet is ago in my area. And also yes, i take anything and everything ns can gain my hand on to acquire fixed. Mine motto is once I carry them back home, if castle stay, they stay; if not, then oh well, I’ve done my part. I constantly have the vet guideline an ear just in case.

You deserve to spay pretty much anytime, based upon my endure with the TNR routine I offered to volunteer with. Since that was a monthly event, they obtained cats in every stages - if one came in who was nursing, she’d go to a certain vet and be done together a “side spay” so she can go back to nursing once she was released. Not sure if your vet would be comfortable v that, but it’s precious the ask.

My parents obtained their cat spayed as soon as her kittens were 8 mainly old. She was already pregnant again. Execute it now!

We had a feral spayed on the very same day she delivered. She had one grounding in her that she couldn’t press out after ~ 2 were born alive. She didn’t suffer any adverse effects. Had the ability to nurse the 2 v success, and also lived 10 much more years through us.

You have the right to spay now and do a spay abort (the sooner the better on the front). An excellent on you because that stepping up to the plate for her!

You can do a flank spay before weaning the kittens. It is what us did with any type of TNR cat that to be obviously parenting or offered birth quickly after we trapped them. Us would simply keep the kittens warmth while their mommy was out.

She can be spayed now. Otherwise, a couple of weeks post weaning for a spay

Please spay she now. You will have an ext cats dumped off, and also spaying will protect against the bear of more kittens. I have had actually rescued cats spayed when they to be pregnant. The calico kitten is about 90% sure to be a queen also, for this reason she’ll should be spayed soon. I recognize some shelters to be doing youth spaying a when back, however I choose to wait it spins they space at least 4 months or 6 month old yet a cat can gain pregnant at that age.

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I’ve newly gone through this. Ns was planning on acquisition the mama cat in for transforming when i heard meowing from the kittens. However, I had no idea where they were in the barn. I didn’t actually watch the kittens for weeks ~ that. Had I taken mama in to be spayed at the time, i don’t recognize that I can have uncovered the kittens to store them warm.I actually did what is a an extremely risky thing and waited till the kittens were a few months old and also took anyone in at once. I was glad ns did it,though, because the vet stated that I probably should keep them in an enclosed area for an additional night. Ns really don’t have actually an fastened area in mine barn, for this reason I had actually to save them crated in my heated garage (which cleared up well due to the fact that it to be winter and also they were heat after surgery). I’d have been nervous to leaving the kittens external without your mama overnight, and also I’m not certain I could’ve captured them to put them v her. Don’t underestimate her ability to store her babies concealed from you.If it were me, I’d wait till the babies room weaned. You might still need to do a spay abort at that time, but at the very least you won’t have to worry about finding the babies to make certain they’re warm and also the vet warned me that releasing castle the night have actually surgery might have make them delicate if castle weren’t fully awake.