If you saying, “My girl friend is trying to make me jealous” climate you’re probably feeling frustrated, confused and maybe also a small betrayed by her girlfriend best now.

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You may be asking yourself, “Why is she act this come me?” and also even, “Am i doing miscellaneous wrong?”

To much better understand why your girlfriend is make the efforts to do you jealous, you first need to understand that ladies behave in totally different means to men. For men, things are usually as an easy as “What you view is what girlfriend get.” Most men will say and do what they mean. Basic and directly forward.

However, females will seldom say (or do) what castle mean. They’ll speak “It’s fine” when they really typical “It’s no fine,” or they’ll say, “I require space” once what lock really typical is, “I desire to break up v you.”

When it comes to relationships, just because a guy manages to obtain himself a girlfriend, it doesn’t typical he can then sit ago and relax and just assume that the partnership will circulation naturally through itself. In any kind of relationship, the the man’s duty to maintain the love, respect and attraction that his mrs feels for him.

Yet, in ~ the same time, he needs to understand that it doesn’t issue if him and his girlfriend have only simply met, or if they’ve been dating for a lengthy time, she will constantly test him. It doesn’t matter just how much attraction she feels because that him, or exactly how much she respects him; she will certainly keep trial and error him. That doesn’t also matter if she’s head over heels in love v him; she will test him.

And among the plenty of “tests” women will subject a man to, is make the efforts to make him jealous.

Why execute Women test Men?

Often males will ask us below at The modern Man, “Why are women for this reason complicated? Why execute they always do points that men can’t understand? Why have to a woman test a man; particularly when lock in a relationship?”

The truth is, a woman will test a guy to see how much power she has over him. This is her means of checking the he is really the sort of guy she desires him to be. If, as soon as she tests that he encounters her test with confidence and also mental and also emotional strength, she will feel attractive to him. She respect because that him will increase and she will normally fall much more deeply in love with him.

On the various other hand if as soon as a woman tests her guy he crumbles under the pressure because he can’t attend to it in a masculine and also confident way, she will an ext than likely start to inquiry whether he’s yes, really the guy she desires to it is in with.

When a guy who is inexperienced with women, or who merely doesn’t recognize women says, “My girlfriend is do the efforts to make me jealous,” he normally panics and also ends up making mistakes the in her eyes include up come “TEST FAILED”.

3 mistake to stop Making when Your girlfriend is make the efforts to make You Jealous

The best approach to take once your girl friend is do the efforts to make you feel jealousy is to just not get associated in it.

Put your focus on other things, laugh at she attempts to make you jealous and just keep relocating forward in life. If friend can display your girlfriend that you have that kind of emotional strength where you love her and want her in your life, yet are no dependant on she for her emotional security or confidence, it actually provides her respect you.

However, if friend don’t take that approach, you might end up making one of the adhering to mistakes…

1. Emotion insecure.


If you feel the you’re happy to be with your girlfriend and also that if she pipeline you, you won’t be able to get another girlfriend, you will naturally feel insecure once she shows up to it is in interested in other men. However, all that you are doing is make her shed attraction and also respect because that you as a man.

Don’t get affiliated in she games. Merely love her and laugh off any type of attempts that she provides to reason you to feeling jealous. Perform that and also you will pass many of the tests that women put you through.

2. Trying to make her jealousy in return.

It might feel favor a good idea to try and make her jealous earlier when she tries to make you jealous, but ultimately this is pointless and also will only result in needless disagreements where she will try to do you the end to it is in the bad guy also though she the one who began it.

When you’re i was sure in yourself and in your abilities to attract women, friend don’t have to shot and do her jealous due to the fact that deep down you understand that she already an excellent enough and also much far better than any guy she can potentially hook increase with.

3. Fighting end her.

Just since your girl friend is trying to do you jealous, it isn’t anyone else’s fault. Choose a fight with an additional guy over her is just playing into her hands. She will obtain the satisfaction of understanding that she got to you and also then she’ll become the leading one in the relationship.

However, if this happens, the partnership dynamic will go out of sync and she will finish up overcoming you, i beg your pardon will eventually lead come her losing respect for you.

You deserve to Pass her Tests with Flying Colors

The next time you catch yourself thinking, “My girlfriend is trying to make me jealous and also I don’t prefer it,” instead of getting upset or angry about it, use it together an opportunity to make her feel much more attraction for you. As lengthy as you think in yourself, you can handle what she throws in ~ you v a casual confidence the will draw her even closer to you.

When you’re i was sure in you yourself it comes across in your actions, in your tonality and also in your body language. No matter how she behaves, your actions (and re-actions) will certainly be speak to her, “It’s it s okay if you desire to make me jealous, I understand I’m far better than any kind of guy girlfriend flirt with.” in ~ the very same time by no taking the bait, friend are turning the tables top top her.

When a guy doesn’t get jealous, a woman will certainly naturally begin thinking, “Why no he afraid of losing me? that must understand he can conveniently replace me.” Without having actually to speak it, you’re letting her know that you deserve to have any type of other woman if you wanted to, but you are picking to be through her.

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This makes HER feel choose she needs to it is in the one to work difficult to keep YOU and this only makes her feeling even more turned on and also attracted come you.