Ever wondered what the C2 or the C4 rating of your batteries meant? are you puzzled if the ratings space going come mess with your devices?

If the answer is positive, stop look at the difference between C2 and also C4 batteries.

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The distinctions lie between the charging time and also the drainage volume of every battery. A C4 battery charges much faster than a C2 battery. On top of that, A C2 battery gives charge in ~ a slower rate than a C4 battery. 

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Where space C batteries Used?

C batteries room a an extremely common form of batteries. Friend may have actually used them for toys, sometimes flashlights, and also maybe even in musical instruments. 

In the instance of your RC touring car, a c battery will sit on her chassis and carry out power because that throttle. For Rc purposes, the battery tends to be bigger and in the form of a block. It likewise has cables and links that aid you affix it come the chassis.

What walk The C stand For?

The C you see in the batteries is basically a rating. This rating measures just how much current a battery can administer in a unit that time.

Also referred to as the discharge rating, it additionally indicates the prices of charging and also discharging. This rating is referred to as a C-Rate and also differentiates batteries.

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Now the we’ve sorted that out, stop continue.

Where does The difference Lie in between C2 and C4?

There room a couple of simple differences in between C2 and C4 batteries. Have actually a look at the table below to have actually a short idea.

C2 BatteriesC4 Batteries
Maximum output- 2AMaximum output- 4A
30 minute to charge and discharge15 minute to charge and also discharge
Will operation 30 minute on maximum strength outputWill operation 15 minutes on maximum power output
Will warmth up quick if charged on high strength for each useWill heat up fast if fee on high strength for every use
Output Power

Since we know the C is a rate, the numeric worth assigned way the number multiplies to C. So, if you have actually a battery the a volume of 1Ah, a C2 battery then it will offer you an output of 2A. Meanwhile, a C4 battery will give you 4A the max output power. 

Charging and Discharging Time

The other difference is the calculation of power during charging and also discharging time. Because that a battery that has a capacity of 1 Ah, a C2 battery will certainly take half of an hour to charge. That way it will certainly take 30 mins come charge and also then 30 minute to discharge.

Similarly, a C4 battery will certainly take 15 mins come charge. This also means that because that a 1 Ah battery rated in ~ C4, the will administer 15 minute of run-time. 

The much more the rating, the less time it takes come charge. An ext the strength output, the duration of the strength lasting will certainly be shorter. 

Now, that’s sorted, let’s check out what else is there about these batteries.

Runtime and also Replacement

When it involves your RC, over there is one tiny piece of details to keep in mind. No issue what the power rating, you are much better off charging them at short amp rates. 

This means, if you have, stop say a 4 Ah battery that has a C2 rating. This way you have the right to charge this at twice its capacity. Now, this is no a good idea if you carry out it frequently.

Batteries have tendency to have actually a longer lifespan as soon as they space charged slowly. 

The reduced the amp rate, the much more runs girlfriend will acquire from one battery. This way, her battery will certainly run a lengthy time before needing a replacement. 

Heat Generation

If your C battery is acquiring hot, it might occur as result of how you fee it. That doesn’t matter if you’re making use of eC3 or ec5. 

If you store charging your batteries in ~ max capacity, girlfriend will check out them warm up quickly. 

This can also happen if friend discharge her battery in ~ high power choose in C4.

Which Battery come Pick between C2 and C4?

If your main agenda is to accomplish top speed, then walk for the C4. For short distances and also drag races, a C4 should offer you good power and incredible speed. Just make certain you charge it progressively for better longevity.

If you’re much more concerned around the heat, climate opt for a C2. This is because the higher the power generated, the an ext heat will certainly be dissipated. For this reason a C2 is a much better choice here. 

Compared to a C4, it’ll charge and discharge slowly, giving less border for heater issues.

Think wisely prior to buying either. After ~ all, you want the finest battery for her RC vehicle. 


Question: space C batteries rechargeable?

Answer: yes! The package and instructions must say the they have the right to be charged. Nickel-Metal hydride (NiMH), and also Nickel-Cadmium (NiCad) space the common rechargeable C battery available.

Question: How many hours will a conventional C battery run?

Answer: This can vary depending on where you space using the battery. But, ~ above average, a typical C battery rated in ~ 1.5volts will run anywhere in between 18 to 20 hours. If you space using a rechargeable one, they can provide a high power output because that 5 to 6 hours prior to needing a recharge. 

Question: i m sorry battery is better lithium or alkaline?

Answer: Lithium is a very light metal, which offers it the capability to store an ext charge than its alkaline counterpart. As well as that, lithium batteries have the added edge that performing well in extreme conditions. However, alkaline batteries room suited for a wider range of applications and are also easily available.

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And right here we are. Now you understand the difference in between C2 and C4 batteries. Us hope this helps clean out few of your confusions around these batteries.