Bill Haley, among the pioneers that rock and also roll music, to be born top top July 6, 1925 in Highland Park, Michigan. His mother was a classically trained pianist and his father played both the banjo and mandolin. Bill and also his family then relocated to Pennsylvania. It to be there, at the period of thirteen, that Haley received his very first guitar as a Christmas gift. His father, william Sr., taught young invoice to play the straightforward chords and notes by ear. Quickly Bill discovered he had the ability to listen come a track on the household radio and also pick it out on his guitar, keep in mind for note.

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Bill Haley

Bill was a expert guitarist at period fifteen, and by the age of eighteen, he had actually made his an initial record. During the 1940’s Haley, pull in cowboy gear, toured the Midwest with various country bands.

In 1944, Haley join the down Homers, instead of Kenny Roberts who had joined the marine during civilization WarII.When Roberts rejoinedthe tape afterthe war,Billreturned to Pennsylvania andbecame a famous disc jockey. Calling himself “the Rambling Yodeler”, he formed his own group, the 4 Aces of western Swing, come play ~ above his radio show.

Kenny Roberts went on to have actually a effective solo recordingcareer as "The Jumpin" Cowboy", and in the early 60"s held his own popular children"s television present at WNEM-TV in Saginaw, Michigan.

In 1949, Bill created a brand-new band dubbed Bill Haley and The Saddlemen. They made a variety of country recordings that failed to produce much interest. In 1951, however, Haley videotaped a sheathe of Jackie Brenston’s R & B fight “Rocket 88”. Return the song just sold 10,000 copies, it was Haley’s most successful recording. It encouraged him the high-energy music that children could sing follow me to, clap to, and dance to, would certainly be popular.

Bill Haley and also His Comets

In 1952, Billand the band had a hit with“Rock The Joint” ~ above the Essex label.It was anearly example of what ended up being known together rockabilly. As a result, Haley decided to drop the cowboy image and also renamehis tape "The Comets".

The an initial release under the brand-new name in 1953 was Bill’s very own composition,“Crazy guy Crazy”. The song came to be Bill Haley and His Comets" greatest hit to date."Crazy man Crazy"is also far-ranging in the it to be the first rock and also roll record to do the Billboard pop charts at # 15.

In 1954, Haley signed with Decca Records. His very first recording for his brand-new label was a cover of “Rock approximately The Clock”, a song initially released by sunny Dae in 1953. Bill’s version of the tune didn’t market that well when it was very first released.It to be itsfollow-up record, a cover of Joe Turner’s “Shake, Rattle and also Roll”, that ended up being Haley’s firstgigantic success when it reached the Billboard peak Ten and sold over a million copies in 1954. “Rock roughly The Clock” was then re-released in 1955 after the was used on the soundtrack the Blackboard Jungle, a movie about high college juvenile delinquents. The song being played end scenes of young delinquents or “hoods” led viewers to determine Bill Haley together a rock and roll rebel. This very first use that a rock and roll song in a film aided make bill Haley and also His Comets one of the most popular recording artists of 1955 and also 1956. “Rock around The Clock” to be Bill’s best hit and also has been

Haley and also the Comets on stage approximated to have actually sold over thirty million copies worldwide.

Bill Haley was now one the the sexy recording artists in the country and was normally regarded together the leading number in the brand-new field of rock and roll music. Bill and the band followed up “Rock about The Clock” with the struggle “Razzle-Dazzle” during the summer of 1955. They perfect the year with the two-sided fight “Burn that Candle/Rock-A-Beatin’ Boogie”.Haley shed three an essential membersof the Comets end money problems at this time.Theyleft to form their very own group referred to as theJodimars.

Despite having actually to include three brand-new members, the hits ongoing in 1956with “See friend Later, Alligator”, “R-O-C-K”, “The Saints absent ‘N’ Roll”, “Hot Dog buddy Buddy”, “Rip that Up”, “Don’t knock The Rock”, and also the instrumental, “Rudy’s Rock”. Bill likewise starred in two beforehand rock and also roll movies, Rock approximately The Clock and Don’t knock The Rock, that assisted make himan internationalstar.

1957 single

By 1957, however, the fortunes of invoice Haley and His Comets had actually started to sag in the united States. Bill and also his band mates were 10 to 15 year older 보다 the new leaders of rock and roll that included Elvis Presley, girlfriend Holly, Jerry Lee Lewis, Ricky Nelson, and the Everly Brothers. V his pudgy frame and also famous spit curly hair-do, bill looked much more like some teenager’s uncle 보다 a rock and roll star. In addition, the Comets’ musical sound had likewise not adjusted with the years and also had started to sound a little old-fashioned come teen document buyers. 1957 singles, “Forty cup Of Coffee” and also “(You hit The wrong Note) Billy Goat”, did no make the peak 40. To make matters worse, the year’s final release, “Mary, mary Lou/It’s A Sin” finish with picture sleeve, failed to graph at all.

Bill Haley and His Comets made a quick comeback in 1958 with their last top 40 hit, the feeling rocker “Skinny Minnie”. However, the follow-up single, “Lean Jean”, ongoing the band’s slide and did not crack the height 40. Haley’s last two chart entries to be the instrumentals, “Joey’s Song” and “Skokiaan (South african Song)”. However by the middle of 1960, Bill had actually faded totally from the Billboard charts.

Haley and also His Comets to be still taken into consideration amajor attraction overseas throughout the time their star to be fading in the U.S. In Germany, a revolt occurred amongst teenage pan at a sold-out 1958 Berlin concert. The incident, in ~ which 17 were injured and also 18 to be arrested, make the global news and further established Haley as a prize of rock and roll rebellion in Europe. Bill was even more popular in good Britain whereby he and also the tape toured come a wildly enthusiasm reception. Haley’s popularity amongst his English fans was such the “Rock about The Clock” had actually re-entered the brother singles charts an exceptional seven time by 1974.

Let The good Times Roll

Starting in 1969 and also continuing v the early years that the 1970’s, bill Haley and also His Comets to be a popular component of the absent ‘n’ roll Revival shows that were supported by Richard Nader throughout the united States. The 1973 film Let The an excellent Times roll includes performance footage the Bill and also the band from one of these concerts. “Rock approximately The Clock” also returned to the Billboard peak 40 in 1974 after the was offered as the theme tune for the struggle television series Happy Days.

Suffering indigenous alcoholism and also dementia, Haley passed away of a heart attack in 1981 after life in semi-seclusion for number of years. Prior to his death, he supposedly had become bitter end his career decrease and refuse to do or even grant interviews. Bill Haley was inducted right into the Rock and also Roll hall of reputation in 1987, however The Comets were no included.

Bill Haley and His Comets to be inducted into the Michigan Rock and also Roll Legends room of call in 2005.

Five members that the original band,Marshall Lytle, Johnny Grande, dick Richards, Franny Beecher, and Joey D"Ambrose, all in your 70’s and 80’s, to be still performing with each other as The Comets up till 2006.They had actually allplayed and also recorded withHaley throughout the glory work of the 1950’s and also could still rock the house. Grande"s death and Beecher"s retirement has put the future of this legend band in doubt.


In 2007, invoice Haley and His Comets" record of "Rock around The Clock" was voted # 2 ~ above the list of the top Ten legend Michigan Songs. In 2009, the band"s very first Top Ten hit, "Shake, Rattle and also Roll", was additionally voted in.

In 2012, the Comets were inducted into the Rock and also Roll hall of Fame together the result of a distinct committee formed to identify situations in i m sorry backing teams should it is in recognized together with the original lead singer.

MRRL room of Fame:

Video: In a clip indigenous the 1956 movie Don"t hit The Rock, invoice Haley and also His Comets execute "Hot Dog buddy Buddy" complete with four sexy mrs dancers in brief shorts in ~ Dr. J. Recommends

“Rock The Joint” Roller Coaster records CD. This collection consists of the early and also essential Essex recordings consisting of “Rocket 88” and also “Crazy guy Crazy”

“Bill Haley and also His Comets - indigenous The Original grasp Tapes” MCA CD. This collection collects the important Decca hits from 1954 - 1956 the made Haley an international star.

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Sound and Glory by john W. Haley (Bill’s son) and also John von Hoelle, Dyne-American publishing 1990. “The remarkable story of invoice Haley, the dad of absent ‘n’ Roll and the music that shook the world”.