when Mme. Forestier reveals the the necklace to be a fake, the leader feels the pressure of the irony. Describe why her revelation is ironic. How did girlfriend respond to this surprise twist in the story?
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working ten long years to change the necklace she lost, mam Loisel has substantially aged. She runs into Madame Forestier and also decides to describe why she watch so much older than she provided to look:

when spending numerous years in poverty, toiling to repay the debt of instead of the necklace,...

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Working ten lengthy years to change the necklace she lost, mam Loisel has greatly aged. She runs right into Madame Forestier and also decides to describe why she looks so much older than she provided to look:

While spending plenty of years in poverty, toiling to repay the blame of replacing the necklace, madame Loisel prematurely loses she physical beauty.

Madam Forestier walk not also recognize mam Loisel. Madame Loisel tells madame Forestier the truth about losing the necklace and also borrowing money to change it:

go not recognize her old friend as soon as they meet and is ‘‘deeply moved’’ as soon as she learns that the Loisels had actually spent the last te in debt to replace her necklace.

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Madame Forestier climate reveals the the necklace was a fake. She admits the the necklace was not genuine. The story take away on a twist and also ends ironically. The leader is as saddened come hear the truth as madame Forestier is having actually to reveal the truth. The fake necklace represents the fake life that madame Loisel gift at the ball. She pretended to it is in what she to be not. Return she should have been content through her beauty, she was not. Now, ten year later, she has aged so lot until she is no much longer as beautiful. The irony is that madame Loisel has functioned ten years to pay because that a instead of necklace as soon as the initial was fake:

The story"s biggest irony, however, is embodied in the necklace itself; when it shows up to be a piece of jewel of an excellent value, that is really an imitation.

Ironically, that takes this revolve of events to help Madame Loisel learn to it is in content through what she has actually in life. Finally, after ~ ten lengthy years that working, scrubbing floors, madame Loisel finds peace and contentment. If just she had actually been content in the beginning, she would have never obtained the necklace. She would have actually never lost the necklace. The irony of it every is that madame did not see exactly how beautiful she to be naturally. Now, with her herbal beauty fading due to hard work, madame Loisel is content. This twisted of events makes the story interesting. In the end, madame Loisel is a much better person 보다 she was as soon as she wore the fake necklace.