I have trouble assessing the iced tea in ~ McDonald’s. There were a few years where I to be relying top top McDonalds multiple time a work to acquire my iced tea fix. The first good thing is the it is an extremely cheap. Friend can’t beat $1 for a large drink of any type. Second is as soon as McDonald’s iced tea is great it is really great (continue analysis for this to do sense). Some might be surprised to uncover out that their tea is freshly brewed and not indigenous a concentration or mix. When the iced tea is brewed well, the tastes similar to fresh brewed Lipton iced tea favor they offer at In-N-Out, i beg your pardon I take place to like. The ingredients provided on the website for the unsweetened tea room “A brisk blend the orange pekoe and also pekoe cut black tea”, which happen to it is in the very same ingredients in Lipton’s tea bags specifically blended for iced tea. Ns do discover though about a quarter of the time I get really bad iced tea indigenous McDonald’s, periodically undrinkable. Sometimes it is overly bitter and stale tasting, while various other times it has a contempt fruity taste to it. Ns don’t know where this taste comes from, but this I can not forgive it and usually just have to throw the drink away.

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I don’t eat in ~ McDonald’s all the often, yet the reality that they space so easy to locate, combined with the reality that it is for this reason cheap, method that countless times ns am willing to take the 25% chance that I will certainly get bad iced tea. Drive-throughs likewise make McDonald’s a much more convenient selection than many other freshly brewed iced tea options.

Update: ns recently adjusted my rating from 3.5 come 3.9 (I won’t make it a habit of offering ratings that end in .9). Good McDonald’s iced tea deserve to be close come as good as Chipotle and also In-N-Out, however I can’t justify providing McDonald’s tea quite as high the a rating as places like Chick-fil-A and also Habit Burger, since of McDonald’s lack of consistency . The vital I have discovered is if you find a location that makes an excellent iced tea, stick with that location, yet don’t expect the same top quality at other locations.

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