Palnut® Push‑On Fasteners function inner teeth that slide over and bite into a ring stud, staying clear of two panels from disengaging. Palnut® push‑on fasteners space single‑piece fasteners engineered to administer optimal holding toughness while requiring minimal push‑on force. Palnut® fasteners are obtainable for use through round, threaded, or one-of-a-kind shaped studs.

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ARaymond Tinnerman Palnut® washers, Push‑Ons, shaft retainers, and also stud fasteners are available in a broad range of styles, profiles, and materials in standard screw sizes. As a premier Palnut® distributor, supplies a broad an option of palnut fasteners in a variety of materials, sizes, finishes, and also types.

Materials: stainless steel, low-carbon steel, and also moreFinishes: Phosphate, nickel, zinc, color, and also other distinct coatingsTypes: lock‑nut, push‑on, ball stud receivers, and also morePalnuts deserve to be helpful in instances with high‑temperature changes and where reusability is beneficial

Panel and also Trim Clips


Panel and trim clips can quickly be mounted by hand without the require for extr tools. Trim clips press onto a stud, edge, or tower of the panel and are organized in ar by barbs. Panel clips room convenient, one‑piece fasteners generally used to attach decorative trim piece in many industries and also applications, with plenty of uses for automotive body panel and door attachments. provides a broad selection of ARaymond Tinnerman or Heritage commercial panel and also trim clips in a range of finishes, materials, and lengths. Stud and also thread sizes vary.

Provides a serviceable share to eliminate trim piecesTrim clips carry out an "invisible," secure, and also rattle‑free holdHigh stamin clips easily accessible for more demanding applicationsU‑Clips, S‑Clips, Dart Clips, Horseshoe Clips, arrow Clips, and more are available for purchase

Self‑Locking Threaded Nuts


Palnut® self‑locking threaded nuts in addition to a screw or stud fasten 2 panels together. Palnut® stamped nuts are easily accessible in threaded or self‑threading varieties from spring steel to eliminate the require for a lock washer.

Engineered fasteners like ARaymond Tinnerman's simple to download Palnut® and On‑Serts® fasteners provide maximum hold power, reduce the opportunity of vibrating loose. Choose from a range of low‑profile self‑locking threaded nuts designed with inner teeth to fixed threads together they are conveniently installed over smooth or threaded studs without any kind of need for one-of-a-kind tools.'s big inventory the Palnut® stamped nuts and On‑Serts® lets you discover the appropriate material, finish, and also size for her project.

Options native ARaymond Tinnerman and Heritage industrial include: Palnut® stamped nuts, On‑Serts®, and also Speed Nuts®Installs with usual hand tools in many applications such together appliance assembly and also HVACSpring steel material is resistant come vibrational loosening to stop the need for a lock washerAvailable in a range of finishes including phosphate, zinc, or plainBack come Top

Self‑Retaining Threaded Nuts


The brochure of self‑retaining threaded nuts includes cage nuts, rate Nut® U‑nuts and also expansion nuts.

Cage nuts require accessibility to the back of the panel for placement and administer a strong point of attachment for a screw or bolt to protect against disassembly of mating panels.

Speed Nut® U‑nuts administer a quick and basic attachment suggest on panel edges. Likewise called U‑shaped or Tinnerman nuts, rate Nut® U‑nuts space lightweight, dependable fasteners that carry out a simple, low‑cost alternative to timeless mechanical fasteners.

Expansion nuts, additionally called snap‑in nuts, come through either a tapped barrel or a single stamped impression and only require access to one side of the dashboard to simplify installation. The legs of the nuts increase behind the dashboard to hold the expansion nut in location while still providing a serviceable joint.

Self‑retaining threaded nuts stay in place for transport throughout the manufacturing process to assist in assemblyThe counter torque feature eliminates the need to access the back of the panel as soon as the nut has been placed onto the panelRequires no special tools or distinct training to install

Wire Management


Wire management clips and ties space a an easy solution if you need to reliably secure cable, wires, and tubing. Whether for safety, aesthetics, or convenience, wire monitoring clips and also ties are vital part of industrial design. proudly provides a big assortment of wire management options that are easy to use and also quick to download so you deserve to take control of your room instantly. These encompass a selection of high‑quality nylon or acetal clips, ties, and assemblies from companies you know and also trust, including ARaymond Tinnerman and also Heritage Industrial. Wire administration clips and ties have the right to be supplied by themselves or in conjunction through spring steel clips to suit your particular applications. No matter what you use them for, you're sure to appreciate the durability and holding stamin of our self‑retaining wire management product lines.

Materials: Nylon, plastic, and also steelFinishes: Phosphate, black, zinc, plain, and customized variationsOptions accessible to accommodate either continual or change diameter cables, wires, and also tubesAvailable in numerous mounting styles: barbed clips, fir tree clips, edge mount, stud mount, and moreSome clips are accessible with rolled edges to stop wire damage during installation



What is a Palnut?

Palnuts are retainers stamped from slim sheet metal, manufactured for light‑duty applications. Lock are accessible in a range of shapes and sizes and also can be quickly installed using straightforward hand tools. The most common varieties of this fastener space hex and push‑on palnuts.

What are Palnuts supplied for?

Hex palnuts room hex shaped and also are generally used come retain components on threaded shafts or studs. Due to their shape, lock provide simple installation with a socket or wrench. Push‑on palnuts are driven onto a shaft or stud by hand. The this of this push‑on format fastener produce frictional anxiety that stop the retainer in place.

How to install and remove a push‑on palnut:

Push‑on palnuts, likewise called press nuts or push‑on retainers, space installed and removed by hand or with an easy hand tools. To install, merely align the within circular opening of the fastener axially end the to plan stud. As soon as aligned, press it along the plane of the intended shaft. The teeth of the push nut will connect with the stud, holding it securely in place.

To remove a push nut, pry ago the teeth gripping right into the stud or shaft and also pull the nut follow me the plane of the stud, far from the adjustment surface.

How come install and remove a hex palnut:

Hex palnuts, additionally known as stamped nuts, have the right to be mounted using a correctly sized wrench or socket. Come install, simply thread the nut clockwise by hand onto the to plan shaft. As soon as started ~ above the shaft, usage a wrench or socket to finish tightening the palnut.

To eliminate a stamped nut, or hex palnut, use an as necessary sized wrench or socket to rotate the nut counterclockwise. Continue to loosen the nut until it is completely clear from its mating shaft.

Shaft Retainers and Palnut® push‑on fasteners explained by ARaymond Industrial

Transcript: Palnut brand push‑on fasteners are solitary piece fastening solutions that provide a good balance in between maximum holding strength and minimal press on force. Round, special‑shaped, and also threaded‑stud alternatives are available. ARaymond Industrial likewise offers decorate push‑ons because that applications where unsightly stud ends should be hidden. Attachment is quick and easy. A stud on one panel is put into a hole of the adjustment panel. Once positioned, the fastener is put over the stud and pushed on v one straightforward motion until it access time the basic of the panel. The inner teeth interact or bite right into the stud as the fastener is applied, robustly hold the two panels together. No tools are required, eliminating time‑consuming assembly operations. Palnut push‑ons can be offered to retain small components top top a broad selection of applications, such as residential appliances and also HVAC systems. Your low‑profile style also permits parts to be provided in little mechanical and electrical devices. Decorative style push‑ons are supplied in toys, lawn carts, and coolers v axles. ARaymond commercial fasteners enable you to replace traditional fastening approaches with innovative solutions that combine aesthetics and functionality. They space quick and easy come install and do not need mounting tools.


What is a panel Clip?

Panel clips walk by countless names – trim clips, body clips, snap‑in retainers, and door dashboard clips to name a few. Dashboard clips are used in a wide range of applications, the most typical being in the automotive industry to retain internal panels, weather stripping, and trim to doors and also other structural panels of vehicles. Steel panel clips are made from carbon spring steel, thus offering them the ability to securely fasten to almost any substrate. While designs vary, lock all use spring pressure that creates tension against a panel to secure adjustment parts. This also allows them come be easily installed and also removed using simple hand tools.

How come install and also remove panel clips:

To install panel clips:

Insert the clip either over or right into the primary part to which the clip will certainly be permanently affixed. This can be completed either by hand or v a conventional pair that pliers.Continue to press the clip top top or into the component until that is firmly seated and cannot be conveniently removed using moderate force. Many clips have actually teeth the bite into the substrate when set up to provide a more secure grip.Next, join the primary component to the adjustment panel through aligning adjustment hole or stud come the panel clip.Push the two panels together until the clip clicks into place.

To eliminate a panel clip, use either a pair that pliers or a standard screwdriver come release pressure from the retaining mechanism of the clip. This can be a tiny tang that sticks away from the body of the clip or it can be the clip body itself. When the mechanism is compressed, use pressure to the removable part that pressures it away from the main panel.

U‑shaped dashboard clips called Trim clips defined by ARaymond Industrial

Transcript: ARaymond industrial offers a huge standard product portfolio of plastic or metal panel retention clips. Standard trim clips space single‑piece steel clips developed in a unique shape. A u‑shaped inner part of the clip slides over the rib that is developed on the backside that the panel. Barbs top top the within U bite right into the rib, increasing the retention that the part. These higher strength trim clips have actually an alternative barbed building and construction that rises rib retention however use the same simple assembly process. As soon as installed, no additional material dealing with is required. The robust design enables the component to be set up in sub‑assembly areas in the tree or assembly can also be outsourced to operations better suited because that assembly. The clip is pushed right into a feet in the adjustment panel. Assembly is very quick. No tools space required. The fastener is hidden, offering a cleaner look. The share is serviceable but repeated cycles could lead to degradation to the mating panel. Both fasteners provide adequate retention because that decorative trim pieces and little industrial components in white goods, HVAC, and other commercial markets. These greater strength trim clips have even replaced screws in white items panel assembly applications. Incorporating our trim clip in the conception of your commodities will boost assembly efficiency and reduce cost and time on your production line. To show its use, the service door has actually been modified to accommodate this trim piece. As you deserve to see, assembly is fairly simple, and the last assembly is totally free of clearly shows fasteners. ARaymond industrial fasteners allow you to replace classic fastening approaches with innovative services that combine aesthetics and also functionality. They room quick and also easy to install and also do not need mounting tools.


What is a speed NUT™?

Speed nuts, sometimes dubbed spring nuts, space a sport of self‑locking threaded nuts that are frequently made native carbon spring steel. Castle act together a mix of a nut and also lock washer to stop loosening caused by vibration. Speed nuts work-related with sheet steel screws or device screws to secure assembled components in a range of industries including automotive and also industrial. Speed nuts are manufactured in a variety of shapes and also sizes with layouts including circular, flat, and also round through some own spanner holes for driving. U-nut speed nuts are designed to fit end panels or slip right into holes for blind fastening.

What are speed nuts provided for?

Speed nuts are frequently used in high volume applications where timeless threaded fastening methods may not it is in desirable. This consists of applications wherein thin walled panels need securely fastened to a mating surface ar such together those discovered in automotive interior parts, exterior trim pieces, and also bumper covers. The design of rate nuts enable the fastener to be clipped come the leaf of a panel giving a quick, secure, and reliable connection.

How come install and remove speed nut clips:

Installing a speed nut

Speed nut clips, or spring nuts, can conveniently be installed or eliminated using traditional hand tools. To download a U‑nut speed nut, align the jaws of the seed to the to plan panel and also press the nut onto the panel till it is firmly sit in the desired location. The spring anxiety of the nut will certainly secure the nut in place. Part panels space designed v holes for speed nuts to align and also snap right into when installed. Other layouts of rate nuts, together as level or round, can be held in place by a pair the pliers till a sheet metal or machine screw have the right to be threaded into it.

Removing a rate nut

To eliminate a speed nut, an initial unthread the sheet steel or machine screw native the nut. For flat, circular, or round rate nuts, usage a pair that pliers to save the seed from spinning as the screw is gift loosened. Once the screw has been completely removed, the rate nut will fall free. U‑nut rate nuts are organized in place by clamping come the adjustment panel. As soon as the screw is complimentary of the speed nut, a pair of pliers can be supplied to eliminate the speed nut from the dashboard by grasping the closed end of the speed nut and also pulling it away from the panel.

What's the difference in between speed nuts vs u‑nuts vs j‑nuts?

Speed nuts space a global term that includes stamped single thread and also multi subject fasteners, consisting of j‑nuts and u‑nuts.

U‑nuts space a u‑shaped fastener through legs of same length. One leg functions an open, unthreaded hole the is aligned with a solitary or multi thread feet on the opposing leg. This permits for a bolt or maker screw to be passed with one end of the seed to connect the subject of the tapped hole. U‑nuts generally have more holding power 보다 j‑nuts because of their increased surface area.

A j‑nut is a j shaped fastener similar in purpose and also design come u‑nuts, however, the legs space not of equal length. The quick leg is roughly fifty percent the size of the the opposite leg and also features a partial cutaway to not obstruct a threaded fastener as soon as it's passed v the fastener. The longer leg of the j‑nut features a solitary or multi subject hole for accepting threaded fasteners. The j‑nut's smaller sized profile allows it to function in applications v tighter clearances.

Stamped nuts described by ARaymond Industrial

Transcript: Palnut brand stamped nuts space one‑piece fasteners that space easily applied to a stud or a screw to protect against two panels indigenous disengaging. Both threaded and also self‑threading versions room available. Threaded stamped nuts are made in spring steel, eliminating the need for a lock washer, and also are used in location of traditional hex nuts for lessened weight or applications requiring lower torques. To assemble, the adjustment panel is inserted over a protruding screw. The fastener is then threaded onto the stud until the panels are fastened strictly in place. Loosened washers can be got rid of with washer form locknuts. Components are serviceable, disassembling easily and efficiently. Self‑threading stamped nuts have comparable features as threaded stamped nuts but form their very own thread on smooth studs. The stud deserve to be die‑cast, mild steel, or of greater strength qualities of plastic as displayed here. Come assemble, the adjustment panel is placed onto a protruding stud. The fastener, selected in the ideal stud size, is then screwed top top the stud, forming its very own thread. The interference resulted in by nut and also stud creates a strong locking pressure that reduce the threat of disassembly. A seal deserve to be added to the washer type nut to reduce the danger of noise and water intrusion. Palnut stamped nuts room used throughout most sectors including residential appliances and also HVAC applications. ARaymond commercial fasteners enable you come replace traditional fastening approaches with innovative remedies that integrate aesthetics and functionality. They room quick and also easy to install and do not call for mounting tools.


What is a self‑retaining nut?

Self‑Retained Nuts are obtainable in many different formats designed to accept mating fasteners such as bolts, screws, or studs.

Cage nutsClinch nutsExpansion nutsCaptive nuts

What room cage nuts provided for?

These functional fasteners are supplied in a selection of consumer, industrial, and also military commodities with thin material where remote fastening is present. They deserve to be installed throughout the fabrication the a product, after a product has been coated or painted, or they deserve to be part of a finished product's assembly.

How to install Cage Nuts

Cage nuts space a preassembled, two‑piece fastener typically consisting that a free‑floating square nut encased in a carbon feather steel housing. The housing is designed through lugs the snap right into square feet or slip end panel edges. These nuts are regularly used top top thin materials for remote fastening applications. The free‑floating seed compensates for feasible misalignment throughout assembly once a product is being manufactured or serviced.

Installing a cage nut deserve to be achieved by hand or v the usage of traditional tools. Because that installation right into square holes, insert one lug into the hole, then v a conventional screwdriver press the various other lug inward as to squeeze the lugs together. In the same motion, press the cage seed assembly into the feet so the it fits securely against the adjustment panel. The spring stress and anxiety of the cage nut housing keeps the fastener securely in place.

Cage nuts defined by ARaymond Industrial

Transcript: Speed tight cage nuts are an assembly of a square nut and also spring stole cage. They are supplied in a diverse selection of industries and applications and are available in three basic cage sizes, accommodating numerous nut sizes. Every cage has actually spring legs designed to compress right into a square feet in the panel. The dashboard legs are designed come accommodate several various panel ranges. The part family combine the benefits of a spring steel cage and cold‑headed nut. Speed grip cage nuts room assembled by compressing the feather legs right into a feet in the panel. This deserve to be excellent by hand without unique tools. Once installed on the panel, there is no need for the installer to walk behind the panel or manage the part during the remainder of the assembly operation. The adjustment panel is positioned come the fastener. This is done by aligning the hole of the mating panel to the center of the fastener and then driving the screw. As soon as installed, the fastener is hidden yet the head that the screw is visible, do this a serviceable joint. The toughness of the joint is similar to timeless mechanical fasteners. The respond to torque attribute eliminates the need for access to the ago of the panel assembly. Cage nuts are supplied throughout all industries where panels room assembled via mechanically fasteners. The decreased material taking care of speeds the assembly process. Due to the fact that the part is self‑retaining, sub‑assembly have the right to be delegated to various parts the the plant better suited to assembly instead of the main assembly line. The self‑retaining feature permits fastener assembly to it is in outsourced to manufacturing facilities that specialize in assembly. ARaymond industrial fasteners allow you to replace classic fastening methods with innovative solutions that incorporate aesthetics and functionality. They are quick and easy come install and also do not need mounting tools.

Expansion nuts, Snap‑in nuts explained by ARaymond Industrial

Transcript: Push‑in style self‑retaining threaded fasteners referred to as expansion nuts are another type of self‑retaining threaded nut. There space two simple shapes, a tapered robotic style and a squared box style. Both have actually panel retention attributes that hold the fastener in location prior come screw installation. The screw retaining features incorporate a stamped solitary impression or a tapped barrel. Expansion nuts are pushed into a feet in the center of the panel. This have the right to be excellent by hand or by automation because that high volume applications. Once installed, further part handling is no longer compelled throughout the rest of the assembly operation. The installer positions the mating panel come the fastener by aligning the holes. When aligned, the screw is moved through the feet of the adjustment panel right into the screw retention function of the growth nut. When installed, the fastener is hidden yet the head of the screw is visible, make this a serviceable joint. All communicate with the screw as it is installed to expand the legs and increase retention. Since of your repeatability, development nuts are now used instead of self‑tapping screws straight into sheet metal panels. Expansion nuts deserve to be provided in many panel applications and most industries. The diminished material dealing with speeds the assembly process. A counter torque feature eliminates the require for accessibility to the back of the panel. Due to the fact that the component is self‑retaining, sub‑assembly can be assigned to locations of the plant better suited for assembly or have the right to be outsourced to manufacturing facilities that specialization in assembly. Growth nuts are easily accessible in plenty of shapes and sizes, including the choice of a seal to minimize the threat of noise and also water intrusion. ARaymond commercial fasteners permit you come replace timeless fastening techniques with innovative options that integrate aesthetics and functionality. They room quick and also easy come install and also do not need mounting tools.

WIRE administration & CABLE CLIPS

What's the difference in between cable clips vs clamps?

Cable clips and also clamps are basic in design and can be provided in a range of industries consisting of consumer, industrial, and military.

Cable clamps room R shaped as soon as open v a hole in each protruding end to be supplied with a threaded fastener, do them right for numerous cable and wire monitoring applications.

How to usage cable clamps:

To use, merely slip the open clamp end the wiring, placing the wiring or cabling in the huge circular opened of the clamp. To close the clamp, to express the protruding end of the clamp with each other aligning the holes. Insert a bolt or screw v the holes and also tighten down to the desired surface closeup of the door the clamp around the intended wiring.

How to use cable leaf clips:

Cable leaf clips are a metal "S" shame clip designed to slip end the sheet of a dashboard to secure cabling or wiring. One section of the "S" will have an indentation draft to hold the wiring, conversely, the various other side will certainly be fairly straight with teeth to carry out a certain grip for attaching to a range of thin substrates. These space often discovered in door panels of vehicles to maintain wiring harnesses. To usage a cable leaf clip, recognize the position of the wiring exploit to be secured. Slip the indented finish of the clip end the cable that requirements to be secured. Next, slide the other finish of the "S" clip over the intended panel to secure in place.

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Cable clips described by ARaymond Industrial

Transcript: ARaymond commercial cable clips market a robust way of fastening cable, wire, and tubing away from moving parts and panel edges. Components are accessible in number of standard designs because that a wide selection of tube and also wire diameters and panel thicknesses. Plastic contents can be combined with spring steel clips for enhanced performance and retention. Edge mount cable clips are obtainable in single piece steel clips or plastic metal assemblies. Both clips attribute barbs that bite ~ above the leaf of an adjacent panel or flange. When assembled come the panel, the pipe or cable is attached come the fastener. Steel clips can function rolled edge to alleviate risk of wire damage. Plastic assemblies offer more versatile methods to affix the tube or cable. Simple open designs host a more consistent tube size in ar while other part designs have functions that accommodate a larger tube size selection or will certainly lock the tube right into place. Plug mountain cable clips are easily accessible in metal or every plastic designs. Metal or plastic darts or plastic fir‑tree parts have the right to either be snapped or pressed into a panel hole, accommodating multiple feet depths. When in position, the pipe or cable is assembled into the cable clip section of the fastener. Comparable to the sheet mount, an easy open designs and locking designs are available. This design, commonly referred to as universal, homes a bigger hose range. Push rivet mountain cable clips are offered where a an ext robust dashboard attachment is needed. The clip is pre‑positioned in the hole. The cable is climate pushed right into place, control the pin right into the component body. The foot expand and also fasten the component in place. Stud mounting cable clips affix to an surrounding stud. Any kind of of the pipe retention attributes can be incorporated into that design. This reflects a v‑shaped open up design. Adhesive mount cable clips are used when component retaining features are unavailable or the dashboard is to stay unblemished. The clip is fastened through an incorporated adhesive. Any of the tube retention attributes can be incorporated. This clip is locking and reopenable. Cable clips are used universally top top items the contain hoses or cables. Our wire management assets simplify assembly processes. ARaymond commercial fasteners enable you to replace traditional fastening approaches with innovative services that combine aesthetics and also functionality. They room quick and also easy to install and do not need mounting tools.

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