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I to be watching pedestrian texas ranger tonight and walker to be driving a chevy. It to be the same shade as the dodge and also had the brushguard and also roll bar favor the dodge too. Have actually i missed something?
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Yeah, the real early on episodes had actually him journey a chevy. I agree with v10, ns think the got ruined or something...
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walker drives what ever before the hell he feels favor driving.... And also if that dont favor it he will offer it a roundhouse kick from hell and it will be destroyed..the native on the street is he drove a chebby however he didnt favor it anymore so .... Well you guessed it he provided it a roundhouse kick from hell and it was ruined :rotfl:
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~chicnbronco~ Matty_fly:nooo...if sasquach was there, we"d know, okie would have actually sold the a bronco and he"d it is in in the brand-new member section ideal now. to check out the ORANGE bronco
up until the point that evade started providing them money, pedestrian drove a gmc and also trivett journey a firebird. After ~ the pilot season walker gained his ram and trivett acquired a evade stealth and all the negative guys gained gm products. In the last season(ithink)trivett began driving a mustang.
now that is funny. Be careful, chuck norris is everywhere and will not hesitate come roundhouse you. Continue to be in school and out that gangs....the eyes of the ranger room upon you.
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The point that constantly got me was the it to be a 2 wheel drive through a human body lift and also a Z-71 sticker :rotfl: v all the "one wheel peels" I have the right to a$$ume neither of them had actually lockers :loser:
Not to mention a 4.3.The dodge didn"t appear until the "93 season(?) when the "new" Dodges came out. Walker had a large (2hr) premier for that season.

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I have heard the he to be a sniper in the army or something prefer that. He had actually tat"s anywhere his arms that"s the wore long sleeve shirts.
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