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I have actually a inquiry I to be looking to perhaps get response for.I own a 1992 GMC Sierra 2500 454 4x4; The infection is slipping and also I"m looking at purchasing a provided one as its far to expensive come rebuild.Anyways ns live on an island and also there space absolutely no 4L80E 4x4 transmissions. But there is a many TH400"s, newer 4L80Es and also of course 4L60Es. What would work-related with mine truck? Or would certainly none of these work?I do know that my transmission is particular to 1991 - 1993.Any help is appreciated, thanks in advance

Do you have an 80 or a 60? because that the load of the truck, a 4L80E 4x4 unit is the only means to go. 60"s walking to be a little on the lightweight side. I"m sure there"s someone right here with a the majority of transmission experience that might answer this better. I wonder if you could take the output obelisk from yours (if it"s an 80) out and move it over a conventional 80?
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The present Transmission in that is a 4L80E 4x4 (Automatic), it Revs high in first. Therefore I think its time to look elsewhere. The expense to rebuild is method out of my price range.

Figured so. You"ll it is in disappointed with anything less. I"m not certain if the case separates to enable the 4x cover and output tower to be used to transform a traditional one.
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Dang, ns was hoping probably the TH400 could be used. But I think I"d shed overdrive and a couple of other options, not to cite I"d probably have actually to cavern man the up
The problem with the 400 is, together you say, just a 3 speed and.... It more than likely uses engine vacuum to change it. You existing transmission is electric (the E after the 80). The engine computer and transmission control unit will want to execute the shifting.
So, the TH400 is out, same with 4L60E, what around other years for the 4L80E? Is it only the 91-93 I have the right to use?
So, if i gain this correct and also forgive me together I"m not the brightest. But it look at likes it would certainly work yet I"d need to swap out the Axle?
Not quite. The transmission is designed come mate up to the transfer case so girlfriend will desire to examine with the regional rebuilders to see what the will take to make one work-related for your truck. The transmission housing for the 4X is squared up to mate approximately the transfer situation so that needs to be rectified. It might be as an easy as remove the tail housing. Ns wish ns knew for sure. I"m sorry ns don"t.

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Greg2001 Silverado 2500HD xcab long bed 8.1/Allison 1000"The only thing crucial for evil to triumph is for good men to perform nothing."
So as much as I understand all 4x4 trannys room the exact same casings, basically its every in the wiring. The more recent 4L80Es have Speed Sensors ~ above the input and also output shafts. Mine walk not. So would certainly to that influence I"m wonder how difficult it would certainly be to but a more recent one in.
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