It’s the exact same story every year. Come the winter months, once its chilly throughout the country, Floridians look forward to acquiring their outerwear out. They desire to gain the crisp, Florida wait too!

Except, no so fast. Winter in Miami and South Florida is no the typical form of winter the remainder of the nation is used to. But, if over there a season of cooler weather, that season is now! We’re extending the months of November, December, January, February and also potentially March.

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While over there is no hope for a Moncler puffer throughout the Florida winters, a cream eyelet ribbed pullover by Sea or Brunello Cucinelli cropped tweed pullover can be the perfect choice for evenings or early on mornings. We have actually a an ext specific guide around what to wear in Florida below.

You’ll desire to invest in a few key wardrobe structure pieces the go with everything!

If you are traveling come Miami the temperature might get approximately 80 levels during the day. Crazy, right!? top top the West shore of Florida, choose Naples and also Tampa Bay, the temperature could get to upwards that 70 degrees. Worry not, you have the right to expect cooler temperatures in northern Florida approximately Jacksonville. Here’s a Florida packing list.

If you’re wondering what to wear in Florida during the winter so you don’t was standing out together a tourist, store reading…

There are number of on trend items to add to your fall/winter Florida wardrobe. And also although you might still get away through wearing sandals and also tank tops, you’ll certainly want come pull out the layers! more about the below…


What to Wear In Florida during Winter

Read on because that 5 major wardrobe-building items for her winter wardrobe. Yes, how to winterize her Florida wardrobe! You’ll desire to have every one of these pieces in rotation this season. 

1. Layer v A Sweater

You may have actually white Christmas fantasies, yet let’s face it, a Florida wonderland is never ever going to be the wintery. When the rest of the nation is bundling up through multiple inside layers come weather the cold and also the ferocious walks come work, Floridians will be doing that a little bit differently.

We recommend wearing a tank top and also layering it. Think cropped sweater or one through trendy details prefer ruffles, puff sleeves, ribbing or eyelet detail. This is definitely the time to lug out her winter white skin - man too! Checkout some our favorite sweaters this season below.

2. Stay warmth with a Lightweight coat or Vest

Make certain to have actually something the you have the right to throw over whatever you’re wearing as soon as the weather fall in the evening. Lightweight jackets, a vest, lightweight trench, and leather jackets room all an excellent ideas. Think neutral colour so the you have the right to mix and also match everything. See below for several of our favorite picks this season.

3. Don’t Go almost everywhere without a Lightweight Scarf

A big, luscious scarf is constantly a great idea during the Florida winter. If you’re wonder what come wear in Florida v a scarf, we recommend a scarf that’s big enough the it deserve to be wrapped approximately your shoulders. Don’t be afraid of a pop of color, tassels, prints, and fabric. A top quality scarf deserve to be thrown over a tank tank optimal or worn through a leather Moto jacket.

And if it gets warm, friend can constantly just bundle it up and also throw it in her bag. Therefore versatile. It’s a must. Shop ours favorites because that the season below.

4. Go almost everywhere with Mules

If you’re thinking of investing in a pair that tall, knee-high boots because that winter in Florida, don’t! The fall/winter weather in Florida is toe and also heal friendly. Yay! Mules or slides, those cool looking on slide on shoes without backs, are a must-have shoe because that the fall/winter. No to mention, they’re so comfortable and easy come wear! girlfriend can also get them together flats or platforms.

The Gucci Princetown mules are absolutely the “it’ shoe of the season if you’re wondering. Select mules with embellished toes, fur heals, studs, velvet or simply plain leather. Find out much more about mules vs. Slides and shop our favourite mules of the season below.

5. Texturize through Fishnet Tights

If friend haven’t heard, fishnet tights room so “in” this season! Don’t be fear to stay this cool tendency as they’re an amazing way to include texture to an outfit. This season, see your fishnet stockings together a neutral! add them to your daily wardrobe. No, yes, really! We want to check out fishnets popping out underneath pants at the ankles and also underneath a dress.

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Commando renders our favourite Deco fishnets. You can see Britt wearing castle here. Shop the best fishnets because that the fall/winter season below.