Finished making your cookie dough and also realizing the your cookie dough is as well sticky?

How carry out you solve your cookie dough if it’s as well wet?

In this guide, we’re going come talk about how difficult your cookie dough must be, how to make cookie dough less sticky if your recipe come out a little bit wrong, and also how to settle wet cookie dough.

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Luckily, cookie dough is usually intended to it is in a tiny sticky, specifically if you’re using a recipe that calls because that the dough to be scooped out fairly than rolled.

Certain doughs, like chocolate chip cookie dough, is also usually a little stickier.


Before girlfriend start including ingredients to her dough, there’s actually an additional baking hack you can shot to deal with wet dough: refrigerate it!

Chilling or refrigerating your difficult dough can turn the butter cold and method that the dough will avoid sticking to your hands.

Usually all it takes is one hour or so, however if girlfriend have incredibly sticky dough and also want to try this technique, placed it in the fridge, covered with plastic plunder or in an airtight container overnight.

4. Usage a Spoon or ice cream Cream Scoop to get the Dough top top the Tray

If you’re working v a sticky cookie dough and struggling to obtain it in the oven, don’t try and gain it on the tray with your hands.

Instead, use a spoon or ice cream scoop or cookie scoop (recommended) to gain the dough top top the baking tray.

This is an excellent for doughs that are okay to be a bit more sticky and also don’t need to be rolled out or cut-out.

It’ll save you native making a mess anywhere the kitchen, and will median you can get the cookies in the oven and also baked increase without ever before letting the sticky dough cause you any baking issues.

5. Roll right into Balls and Coat in Powdered Sugar before Baking

Some bakers recommend rolling your cookie dough right into balls and also coating them v powdered street in stimulate to assist take care of sticky dough and make sure they bake well.

This can be a bit of a “zag” for some cookie recipes and it’s not the recommended technique to fix something like cacao chip cookies, but it have the right to be a terrific way to fix: coco cookies, cake mix cookies, crinkle cookies and even sugar cookies.

The powdered sugar coating the wet components of the dough on the exterior is walk to do it method easier come handle, and it to add a small bit of extra funny to her cookie dough baking day!

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