Dear Editor: Indiana Gov. Thomas Riley Marshall (1909-13) and also vice president of the United states (1913-21) completed a small measure that immortality through this quip, "What this nation needs is a really great five-cent cigar.Mar. 8 2021

Mike Barnhill


Dear Editor:

Indiana Gov. Cutting board Riley Marshall (1909-13) and vice president of the United states (1913-21) accomplished a little measure of immortality v this quip, "What this country needs is a really good five-cent cigar." that never asserted the comment together his own, but its application to a senate speech provided by Kansas Sen. Joe Bristow offered it everlasting fame.

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Vice chairman Marshall wasn"t always appreciated by his colleagues for his rapid wit and also criticisms of political foes. The new York time on might 16, 1915, took problem with Marshall"s "flippant remarks" through these indigenous of condemnation.

"If the country cannot raise any men the presidential caliber, she need to at the very least train mediocre guys in few of the negative virtues. She need to train castle to keep silent when they have actually nothing to say; in certain to store silence once a great national emergency calls for wisdom, patience, and also understatements, and when they have not the mental devices to to the right them because that an expertise of what is required. She should train up a school whose members, if few of them attain the duty of president, will certainly have enough sense not to embarrass the location of chairman by utterances at odds with their political party"s views, and will not splatter flippant remarks or speeches on worldwide tragedy"s or events."

The story of angry President cutting board Riley should raise the concern of "where space our current and also new crop of politicians, especially those in Washington, D.C., space being trained these days?" where is the experience, necessary to govern wisely and also fairly, gift learned come qualify because that leadership, specifically in our greatest political offices? Does simply desiring politics fame and gaining attention qualify a politics candidate? it shouldn"t, but there are numerous in both residences that have attained your positions by act so.

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However, I believe there is expect on the horizon. We have all knowledgeable political noise at the cost of acquiring the project done. We voter must discover to evaluate political candidates on an ext than just the political party they represent. Also, if a candidate"s wealth renders for a great sound political figure? The find for quality civilization representing us in Washington, D.C., continues and hopefully we will proceed to listen, watch and evaluate a future president before giving our most sacred advantage of democracy, ours vote, for the candidate of this country"s highest office.