Lophotrochozoa are pets that are organized circularly, for this reason no matter exactly how they are sliced in fifty percent longitudinally, mirror photos are obtained.True or False?
Which description best fits the lophotrochozoa? ( ) as embryos they have three germ layers that will build into the organ level of company as adults.( ) as embryos they have two germ layers that will develop into the organization level of organization as adults.( ) Lophotrochozoa space deuterostomes.( ) Lophotrochozoa are generally a terrestrial group.( ) The lophophore, a flagellated appendage, is offered to specify members the this group.

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As embryos they have THREE germ layers the will construct into the organ level of organization as adults.
Which kind of pet symmetry produce mirror pictures of each other no matter just how the animal is sliced longitudinally? ( ) radial symmetry( ) asymmetrical symmetry( ) bilateral symmetry( ) asymmetrical symmetry and also bilateral symmetry( ) none of these.
Echinoderms and also cnidarians ( ) are both radially symmetrical.( ) both have three germ layers.( ) both have actually the sac body plan.( ) are both deuterostomes.( ) space both discovered in freshwater.
The echinoderm larvae are originally bilaterally symmetrical yet metamorphose into a radially symmetrical adult.
Which of the following organisms exhibition radial symmetry together adults? ( ) flatworms( ) cnidarians( ) roundworms( ) clams( ) fish
A sponge in reality feeds by ( ) acting together a net in a existing that sweeps food particles through it.( ) squeezing the spongocoel cavity and also sucking debris in and out v the osculum.( ) the beating that the flagella the collar cells, developing a current; food is took in by collar cells.( ) the beating collar cells form a existing from osculum come pores; the food is engulfed by amoebocytes in the central cavity the the sponge.( ) water the moves gently through the sponge and the amoebocytes the engulf passing food.
Press a sponge v a coarse cloth bag and extrude the whole cells through the holes. The cells climate ( ) blee sexually.( ) die from being separated.( ) type spicules in the pattern of the cloth.( ) every go earlier to primitive cells and soon distinguish into an additional sponge.( ) reassemble into a new organized sponge v each cabinet resuming its initial job.

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Both corals and also calcareous sponges have calcium carbonate structures. What is the relationship between these 2 groups?
The sponges usage calcium carbonate to kind sharp spicules while the corals independently use the same material to type a skeleton.