Claudine Burleson admits she just wears pantyhose a couple of times a year. The Eden woman prefers pants and long skirts worn with socks and knee-highs. She only wears pantyhose once she"s ``forced to dress up for formal occasions."

``They (pantyhose) are not together comfortable together going v slacks and socks," states Burleson, 47.Burleson"s no alone.

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Over the last few years the popularity of pantyhose - once a clip of every woman"s wardrobe - has declined. Sales nationwide have dropped 12 percent in the previous two years, follow to The Hosiery Association, a trade association for makers of pantyhose and socks.

Celebrities currently walk the red carpet to compensation shows and movie premiers in their designer gowns and bare legs. Even at church - when a ar where every mrs wore a dress and also pantyhose - bare legs space seen in almost every sanctuary.

In no season is the loss of pantyhose an ext evident 보다 in summer, when plenty of women challenge to bare their legs under skirts and also dresses and also replace their winter footwear with strappy sandals.

``Sandals are very en vogue," states Sid Smith, chairman of The Hosiery Association. ``They are a component of fashion right now."

Smith attributes the decrease of pantyhose sales both to the popular of sandals and also to the boost in casual dress in the workplace. But Piedmont females say lull plays a large role in their decision to leave the pantyhose behind.

``I dislike them," states Robyn Folmar, 19, that ``They"re too clingy, as well tight. They"re simply not comfortable."

Folmar said she has actually worn them freshly only because that formal events, such together her high school"s homecoming and also prom. That an option is growing much more common.

``The only time ns wear them is when I"m walk out," says June Agee that Eden together she leaves a tanning salon. ``Now the I have actually a tan, ns don"t undertake them at all."

``They get on my nerves," she says. ``When you go to the toilet you"ve got to traction them down and pull them earlier up. It"s a hassle."

The decrease of pantyhose is affect the Triad"s economy. Unifi, a textile agency that makes nylon, had actually to reduced 590 jobs in the Piedmont previously this year. The agency cited decrease in pantyhose sales together one reason.

Dunton, 59, says she"s a product that the 1950s, as soon as women didn"t leaving the home without makeup, gloves and also pantyhose.

``I flourished up in the period when you wore a garter and also a girdle," she said. ``I to be so happy when pantyhose to be invented. They were so much more comfortable."

But Dunton says she has actually noticed the trend - particularly among younger ladies - has shifted away from pantyhose to bare legs.

``I can not imagine wearing shoes without some kind of stocking, yet people don"t perform that anymore," she says.

Fashion walk in cycles, says Smith that The Hosiery Association, and also he expects pantyhose to come back someday.

In fact, smith says, pantyhose originally ended up being popular as a fashion trend. Full-length pantyhose were presented as a replacement for thigh-high stockings in the 1950s. Yet they didn"t come to be popular until model Twiggy unveiled the miniskirt in 1965.

Smith claimed the miniskirt to be so brief that the classic girdles and garters couldn"t it is in worn through it. Therefore women started buying pantyhose.

Pantyhose machines aren"t simply sitting approximately waiting because that fashion come change. Instead, they are aggressively making and also marketing brand-new products to bring customers back.

Over the last couple of years, they"ve introduced brand-new products that enable women come wear both sandals and pantyhose. Among the items are full-length pantyhose - through everything yet the toes. Instead, the hose protect against at the basic of the toes with a slim elastic strap to go around the large toe to host the pantyhose in place.

Pantyhose makers also have presented pantyhose that prevent at the ankle, allowing the wearer to bare the whole foot.

Manufacturers have actually introduced new fabrics and also colors and also are trying come find new ways to stop pantyhose indigenous snagging. There"s even a three-legged variety that permits women to swap foot if one creates a snag throughout the day.

Some manufacturers room getting more daring, presenting pantyhose through patterns. One manufacturer even has pantyhose v a tiny tattoo printed about the ankle.

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``Pantyhose has actually its place in the marketplace," he says. ``It has its consumers. It"s below to stay."\ \ contact Michelle Cater at 627-4881, Ext. 126, or mcater
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