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I"m not sure just how or why, yet after three years of remaining in place, among the bolts decided to take a vacation on the interstate and also the other was attempting to sign up with it"s brethren. I want to change both but I couldn"t find anything in my Chiltons manual.Thanks
Driven by an amazingly untalented person, this rolling heap of rust has controlled to continually drainpipe a bank account, every the while never actually obtaining the driver from suggest A to suggest B.Please help
"81 Fox notch, CHP 347, Stealth intake, 2.02 RPM"s, Proform 650, F-Cam, ARP hardware, T5, CDF clutch, 9in w/3.25"s. 67mm single.
starter bolts
3/8" x 1.5" or 2". The holes walk thru the bell housing. Ns ran a longer bolt thru then placed a nut on the other side for great measure.
90 coupe, 302,9.7 comp,scat rods, porting windsor sr."s(286 " 2.05/1.60),tfs phase 3 cam, funnel web, 750dp,c4/4000,4.30 gears, aeromotive 140 pump-motor/holley red because that nitrous, 16 gal. Cell, 2 stage nitrous,M/T 28x9 et drag,5" cowl hood.

--MikeDD: 2012 Honda Pilot"93 LX Hatch, share 302, 73mm C&L MAF, 65MM TB, T5, alum rad w/MK8 pan & DCC, 130A Alt., BBK LTs & X-pipe, Flowmaster SS supervisor 44"s, Cobra intake, Granite Blue Metallic paint, boss Inc cobra hood"95 GT & "91 LX 5.0L - simply memories.

same together a header bolt, but longer ... On my moroso i didnt have actually much room because that the bottom bolt, therefore i supplied the shorter header bolt ...your harmonic balancer pulley supplies the very same bolts ... You can use 4 header bolts over there for basic installation ... The ago of her head supplies the exact same size bolts ... I provided a header bolt because that my ground ...basically i constructed my car with headers bolts ...

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