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20"s are on My van 2000 2.2L 5-speed k&n cold waiting intake, flowmaster 40 series, 20X9.5 and also 18X8 boyd coddington TIMELESS, 245/40YR18 front and 275/30YR20 rear, 3.5/4.5 drop, ZQ8 former springs, nitro autumn shocks, urethane bushings for rear leafs, belltech 1" rear persuade bar, sir Michaels roll pan+hidden hitch, B&M short throw shifter, ss cal-vu mirrors, Hotchkis leafs many thanks to Joe.

If her at the parts store you will discover it marked as "GM brake caliper wrench" -They room all the very same size. Ns think it is 5/8ths.

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01" Xtreme 4.3Ltr Auto Summit White w/Victory Red Xtreme strips. AirAid intake, Bridgestone Potenza RE910. ONS SUCK!FORSALE!!
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