Sons that Anarchy: 20 crazy Details around Jax's Anatomy Jax wasn’t simply a leader on young of Anarchy. He was a lady’s man, a risk taker, and a jar street fighter.

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Sons that Anarchy was a thrilling biker drama indigenous the twistedly excellent mind of kurt Sutter. The display was famous for its superior characters, pulse-pounding action, and also heartbreaking passings. The may have actually been number of years due to the fact that the present ended that is critically acclaimed run, but for plenty of fans, the display will never die. It’s still among the most talked about and rewatched collection of every time. The new series Mayans M.C. Is putting the initial FX collection back in the public mind frame. While many fans are finding an ext things come love, there are also a few details the don’t rather fit.

Of the famous characters in the series, the one who still stands the end amongst every one of the drive or die rebels the SAMCRO is none various other than the show’s leading man, Jax Teller. Played v brutal intensity, Charlie Hunnam carried the personality throughout seven universally praised seasons. He gave the personality a life of his own and also helped teller live on through other icons from the beforehand days that the golden age of television prefer Breaking Bad’s Walter White, The Shield’s Vic Mackey, and also Mad Men’s Don Draper.

Jax wasn’t just a leader though. He was a lady’s man, a danger taker, and a jug street fighter. This gift said, over there are number of things about Jax’s anatomy that just don’t make any kind of sense. Every television reflects heighten fact to a specific extent however for a display that prides chin on gritty realism, a couple of minor details seem amiss.

Here room 20 stunner Details around Jax"s Anatomy.

Trinity and also Jax in boy of Anarchy
Jax teller does well through the ladies. Really well. His selection of relationships, however, are not constantly the smartest. Sure, Tara is a fairly nice girl all points considered, but the remainder of his occupations are not specifically the classiest bunch. Amongst Jax’s numerous romantic pairings in the series, there have been biker girls, addicts, and almost his half-sister. In ~ no point does it yes, really seem choose Jax is utilizing safe methods.

Seeing together Tara is a medical experienced (and a an extremely practical human being in general) and also the fact that she and also Jax had a surprised pregnancy, it’s for sure to assume that they were consistently unprotected. Tara wouldn’t have likely done that if Jax weren’t perfectly healthy.

19 Ssn4 brief Hair

Jax Teller might be well known for those trademark locks however there to be one season wherein those locks were M.I.A. In season 4, instead of his famous Legolas hair, he had actually an ugly buzzed look because that the entirety season. The look at does do a little sense in context. Jax was simply out of a tiny stint in prison. Because that multiple reasons, having actually long pretty blonde hair is no acceptable inside.

This no really describe why it’s so horribly preserved throughout the series. For someone that looks prefer he has four or five various brands the hair treatment products he uses daily every other season, it no really make sense regarding why the just completely give up because that a whole year. It need to be true what castle say. Prison transforms you.

Tattoos are an extremely important to members of one MC like the Sons. In order to be taken into consideration a full-fledged member, you have to gain an extensive back tattoo. Aside from that, most Sons generally show turn off their an individual ink. Usually, this tattoos are around family or some various other deeply an individual symbol. While many of castle look nice good, there’s one it is strangely cartoonish.

Jax’s dad JT no only passed away reasonably young, however he was likewise one the the co-founder of the Sons. It makes sense the he’d acquire a tattoo permanently honoring his late great father. What no make feeling is why the tattoo chin is therefore bad. It depicts man Teller’s gravestone in blocky, cartoonish art. It’s therefore odd the it wouldn’t look out of ar if Garfield or Scooby Doo were hanging the end by the gravestone. At least his tattoo video game got much better with time.

17 healthy and balanced Lungs

pretty much any time Jax isn’t obtaining in fights, v a girl, or speak his Harley, he is smoking. This isn’t such a strange point for SAMCRO though. Clay just as frequently has a special cigar in his hands.

What is weird is how healthy Jax is in spite of his continuous smoking. Jax spends much of the show in some type of rigorous activity. Pretty much every episode has actually a follow scene of some sort. Nobody of the episodes feature Jax doubled over together he’s do the efforts to record his breath. One would certainly think they would’ve learned from Piney’s debilitating emphysema. Though world in biker gangs aren’t constantly the many forward-thinking bunch.

It might be a well-known reality that Jax take away special care of his Harley, his guns, and also his hair. There’s another item in his possession that he bring away incredible care of though that most civilization don’t notice. When you do notice though, you can’t unsee it.

Jax teller wears blindingly white tennis pair of shoes throughout the entire series. It’s not necessarily monster to watch a male keep a an excellent pair of shoes for numerous years. That is weird because that those shoes to watch brand new forever. Because that a guy that spends most of his time delivering carnage and also chasing human being down, his kicks are amazingly spotless.

15 Perfect Skin

Clearly, his toilet is filled with several various hair treatment products and also beard trimmers. Indigenous the look of him, that probably has actually quite a few moisturizers top top hand.

Most that the various other Sons look prefer they"ve spent far too lot time in the sunlight for their own good. Members like Happy, Bobby, and also Tig sure don"t look prefer they purchase a most exfoliating creams or anti-aging skin treatment products. It’s really doubtful that any type of real-life biker has completely spotless skin. (Especially considering how regularly they are linked with Meth.) Looking at Jax, it’s likely he goes to bed with one of those mud masks on.

The bright small town that Sons that Anarchy is collection it in, lies in the Southern component of California. If southern Cali is renowned for one thing, the the sun. Though some of the cast might not know this.

Charlie Hunnam hails native the united kingdom so his skin ton is a touch various than someone’s that presumably spent his childhood running roughly in the California sun.

While this does get far better over time, in the first few seasons that looks an extremely nearly Benedict Cumberbatch pale.

13 Perfect Teeth

If the idea that Jax Teller’s hair care and moisturizing commodities doesn’t readjust your ideas about Jax Teller, the idea of him in braces might.

There’s a good possibility that photo is 100% precise considering exactly how perfect his this are. It’s kind of difficult to imagine teenage rebel Jax teller in high institution with a mouth full of metal. The more tough one to process though is that the male was born with Siberian Husky eyes, the bone structure, and also perfect teeth to go through it. His parents to be only human after all.

Jax Teller and also the various other members the the Sons frequently saw about as many combat situations as the males in The pains Locker. What’s truly remarkable though is that in spite of these daily gun battles, very couple of of the Sons ever got shot. Greatly the shootouts were the standard tv fair whereby they shoot insanity at every other and also only regulate to hit inanimate objects around who they’re shooting at.

Jax specifically comes out of the collection rather unscathed. He’s renowned for gift the member the the gang who most typically rushes head very first into the action. So it’s really strange that his human body isn’t riddled with bullet holes. Apparently, he own the same kind that plot armor that permits Jon eye to rush through a substantial battlefield in Game of Thrones without getting hit through one arrow.

11 No PTSD

There’s an additional strange thing that Jax is lacking for someone that gets shot at virtually every job of his life, post-traumatic tension disorder. For any type of normal human being who would watch his ideal friend taken down, realizing his kid was bring away by criminals, and pretty lot all the messed up stuff that occurred in season 2, that human being would most likely need part hardcore therapy just to acquire through the day.

Jax, however, seems to take it a lot of this in stride. There aren’t any type of scenes wherein Tara wakes Jax increase in a cold sweat due to the fact that he’s reliving something. In fact, he very nearly leaves the corridor life behind him with relative ease. The is until Tara’s hand gets seriously hurt by a steel door. Man, Jax’s life is simply all trauma all the time.

Jax likewise resists becoming hardened and also bitter throughout most of the series, in spite of being given consistent reasons to it is in so. For many of the series, he is presented to it is in the one with the greatest heart also though the goes through the most pain. There are dozens of illustration that function Jax placing his life on the line to assist one that his brothers or him just taking one of them aside come see just how they’re doing. That spends the entire collection trying to obtain redemption because that his club and his favored family.

It yes, really isn’t until the final season where he truly embraces the darkness. Component of the heartbreaking tragedy that the show’s finishing is seeing Jax violent rebuking every one of the philosophy and also compassion he held so dear throughout the show.

9 No Addictions

when the Sons didn’t really deal a many with hard substances, that’s very much not the share for some of America’s worst biker gangs. In reality, hardcore biker gangs room a little closer come the dealing white supremacists in Breaking Bad than the lovable rogues native Sons that Anarchy.

That’s why it’s so strange that Jax gets v the entire collection without the little hint of one addiction. Perhaps it’s his experiences v Wendy the pushes him away from hefty substances. For someone that goes through as much hell as he does, it’s nearly commendable the he doesn’t finish the series drowning his sorrows.

while the Sons get in lots of fist fights, total battles, and slow-motion sequences of running away from explosions, there’s another high-risk activity that the corridor frequents the most. Typical motorcycle riders experience an ext than your fair re-superstructure of hazard of high-speed collision. That’s no even accounting for riding away from gunfire.

It’s weird considering the threats of motorcycle riding that Jax never ever gets in a severe accident. Throughout many of the series, Jax rides particularly fast and also loose. If his propensity because that dodging bullets is impressive, his lucky riding his Harley is doubly so. The only real damages he it s okay riding is in the last episode when he gets in a suicidal accident on purpose. It’s together a tragic means to destroy a almost spotless record.

7 weird Muscular Back

one of the most famed promo images for Sons of Anarchy was simply a snapshot of Jax Teller’s heavily tattooed back. They even put the titles on top of it. It’s more than likely not an exaggeration to say Charlie Hunnam has actually the many famous earlier in television history. However how does Jax Teller gain it so well sculpted?

It’s probably safe come assume that there are lots of totally free weights hanging around the clubhouse. While they can explain the enormous arms most of the Sons sport, the doesn’t yes, really cover Jax’s rock tough back. Either he has actually a very specific cost-free weight regiment the is focused on his back abs or he has actually a mystery gym member none the the other guys understand about. It seems doubtful the the society would have actually a the majority of weight machines. Regardless, Jax Teller need to have had a YouTube channel or looked right into life together a personal trainer. World would’ve paid more money to have actually that back then they ever would have on gun running.

His back isn’t the only thing that points come Jax Teller’s mystery gym life. That male had really impressive six-pack transparent the series. It’s possible that he got those by doing a ton that sit-ups and crunches a day, however it hardly seems like he had the time. Jax"s life to be pretty much a mad scramble native one massively dangerous instance to another.

He would"ve had actually to wake up up prior to dawn every job in order to obtain in his workout prior to a work of pistol running and also ATF scamming. Possibly he squeezed a few hundred in while he was wait for a transaction to go down. Regardless, in order to have that complete 300 Spartan look, he’d also have to have actually a pretty strict diet. Jax probably has actually a giant tub of protein powder somewhere in his house. He likewise probably hasn’t had actually a item of cake in years.

5 Unscarred Knuckles

Jax Teller it s okay in a many fights. So many fights. Favor Tyler Durden has actually nothing on Jax. What’s strange about Jax despite is that his knuckles aren’t a permanently mangled mess.

If a human did practically as many confront punches as Jax, they would certainly be in the hospital continuous for broken knuckles. Perhaps there are simply dozens the scenes turn off camera where Tara was simply constantly using ice and also bandages to her husband every day. Luckily Jax lives in a TV human being where punches just hurt one way and they never ever bleed.

healthy knuckles no the just things that don’t make sense around a street brawler choose Jax. He’s renowned for that beautiful face of his however that confront is really unrealistic for someone that gets in much more fist fights than a skilled boxer. If friend look roughly the SAMCRO clubhouse, you’ll view a many of men whose faces look accordingly scarred because that a life the vicious gangland combat. Chibs has actually Heath Ledger Joker scars. Tig, Happy, and Clay every look together though they’ve had a few broken skeletal in their encounters at one suggest or another.

You might catch Jax Teller v a reduced on his cheek but that’s about it. Otherwise, he’s rocking boyish an excellent looks that would make Brad Pitt jealous. Ns doubt there are plenty of real-life members the a biker gang that have the right to say the same. Hell, Ron Perlman’s probably prettier than many of them. In or the end of Hellboy makeup.

3 well Groomed Hair

when you think Jax teller you think motorcycle chases and also gunfights. What you nothing think is consistent salon visits. Both space obviously huge parts of his life evaluate from how well groomed his Legolas hair is for most of the series.

For some men, your hair will certainly naturally prosper out like Thor from The Avengers. For many though, in stimulate to obtain that standard Hemsworth look, one has actually to get it on regular basis cut. While the isn’t impossible to uncover a barber who have the right to handle maintaining that type of style, most salons will do it better. For this reason it’s really likely that when Jax no on a task for the Sons, he was more than likely hanging the end at one of Charming’s best salons like Steel Magnolias.

His shop time is certainly not the only method he gets his famous poor boy locks. The novelist household definitely has a most guns, bullets, and leather. It also has a ton of hair treatment products.

Seriously, in order to save that hair from looking as greasy as the other Sons, his shower head must have actually at the very least five different hair treatment products in a little caddie through the shower head head.

There’s no means Tara has fifty percent the shampoos and also conditioners she husband has. He likewise probably has actually several different kinds that gels and sprays the he uses. The guy spends half his life with his hair in a helmet or v it punch every which method from a high-speed motorcycle and also his hair still looks great. There"s probably a special hole in the ozone layer v Jax"s name on it.

1 fine Groomed Beard

The greatest difference in between the formats of the riders on Sons that Anarchy and Mayans MC is the on-point facial hair. There is scarcely a member that the Mayans that doesn’t have a full beard, goatee, or mustache the isn’t groomed to perfection. It i will not ~ be surprising if as soon as you gain your Mayans reduced you also get a pair the Mayans authorized beard trimmers.

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The sons aren’t practically as impressive in this regard. Though some are much better than others. Jax, for instance, has actually a an extremely well crafted mustache throughout most of the series. Whatever beard trimming size he’s obtained his set to is perfect. Hell, maybe he has a Mayans brand one. The could’ve been component of the alliance.


Are there any other strange things about Jax"s anatomy in Sons that Anarchy? let us know in the comments!