What are some differences in between Shepard"s gang, the Brumly boys, and Pony"s gang in The Outsiders?
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The significant difference between Ponyboy "s gang and Tim Shepard"s and also the Brumly gangs is in organization. Ponyboy"s corridor is comprised of "buddies who stuck together" when the other two gangs "had a leader and were organized." Ponyboy to trust the factor that his corridor is able come beat Tim"s...

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The major difference in between Ponyboy"s gang and also Tim Shepard"s and the Brumly gangs is in organization. Ponyboy"s gang is comprised of "buddies that stuck together" when the various other two gangs "had a leader and were organized." Ponyboy believes the factor that his gang is able to beat Tim"s gang and also Brumly"s gang is since in his gang, each member leads himself. Lock weren"t a bunch of followers wait to acquire orders from their boss.

Ponyboy"s gang is consisted of of his two brothers, Darry and Sodapop, Steve Randle (Soda"s finest friend), Two-Bit Williams, Johnny Cade, and also Dallas Winston. His corridor fights as soon as they require to, however only Dallas "Dally" Winston has a laboratory sheet through the police. Ponyboy states Dally is "as wild as the guys in the downtown outfits, choose Tim Shepard"s gang." The members that Ponyboy"s gang all hang out together and also are associated like brothers; they tease each various other endlessly, yet they space there for each other once one that the members is in trouble. Ponyboy"s gang fights much more with fists than with weapons (although Two-Bit lugged a switch blade). His corridor members never ever really wanted to ache anyone.

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Tim Shepard is a hood that led a group of hoods from eras fifteen come nineteen. Tim is proud that his negative reputation. Ponyboy says he looks prefer the kind of street child you view in movies. Tim ran his gang through strict discipline and also his members were provided to the making decisions. Shepard"s gang is used to fighting with all varieties of weapons, including bottles, bicycle chains, knives, swimming pool sticks, and guns.

Brumly"s gang is similar to Shepard"s, a group of men who would "just get worse together they got older, no better." Ponyboy thinks this gang is made up of illiterate hoods. That doubts that "half that them have the right to read a newspaper or order much much more than their names." Brumly"s gang members have actually "weird vocabularies," likely due to the fact that they space uneducated.