The worth of the Remington design 34 relies on several factors.Condition that the rifle is the most essential factor once one looksto purchase. Family history is vital when one looks to sellit.

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The Remington model 34 to be designed through C.C. Loomis.Manufacturing took place in between 1932 and 1935, and around 160000were produced.

If your great grandfather bought the new, and also it has been passeddown the household line, it would certainly be precious a good deal more than the$125 that ns would offer you for it.

They"re worth what you have the right to get. I think a fair price is$150--what I check out at total shows. Someone is questioning $360 ongunbroker.

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My version 34 was my grandfather"s. The red safety indicator wasbroken, rear vision elevator to be missing, and also stock cracked-twobrads and some glue had actually been supplied by Grandpa to resolve it. Plus, itneeded re-bluing and the stock completely refinished. Still, theintrinsic, hand-me-down worth , because that me, exceeds its $150 nominalprice.

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