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Have not worked with 404A before and also I"d favor to recognize what the normal selection of operation pressures would be because that a cooler in ~ 34 levels with an ambient outdoor temp the 80 degrees?Thanks
What push would you mean for R134A, R22, or R12 in ~ those same conditions. Convert the push for those gasses to saturation temp, and also use the very same saturation temps ~ above R404A systems.
Made mine life easier
Since I originally posted this thread ns purchased one SMAN4 manifold with the built-in P/T charts and also it"s made my life lot easier. I simply punch up the refrigerant I"m functioning with and also it instantly shows the saturation temps. More than that ns can connect the included temperature clamps come the lines and get Superheat and also Sub-cooling in actual time. I also picked up the wireless far temp probes and the HG3 so i can gain a full system evaluation and target Superheat. No much more guesswork. Ns couldn"t be much more pleased v this setup and also customers room impressed with the level of performance I have the right to squeeze out of your systems.
So introduce to David40 original write-up to his 34 degree indoor and also 80 levels outdoor does no correlate 63/290 top top the PT Chart? It would be an ext like 75/173 psi? Im just making sure Im act this right so that i don"t gain confused.
So referring to David40 original article to his 34 degree indoor and also 80 levels outdoor does no correlate 63/290 on the PT Chart? It would certainly be more like 75/173 psi? Im just making certain Im doing this best so that i don"t gain confused.

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In order to have actually the coolers temp in ~ 34. While the system is running, the refrigerant temp in the evap would normally be at 24, therefore 32 suction pressure while running. The liquid line press would likewise need come be greater then the saturation temp of the out ambient, so fluid line push would be at the very least 254. But 290 would certainly not be the end of line on some condensers, differing with location outside.
Good investment!!! Love that unit too! have actually used a friend a couple of times and also getting ready to buy mine own. If the "old timers" might frown on using it....I say... Adopt technology!!!
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