Majority of these players will never ever reach also 1000 rating level i beg your pardon is thought about to it is in a beginner’s strength.

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Why is that the case? just how to change it?Most civilization are not an excellent at chess because they:

1. Don’t take chess seriously enough

Many novice chess football player don’t really care around the result of the game. They just play chess for fun, without gift competitive and without the drive the win. This players forget around the game once the over and also never come ago to look at it again. With this perspective it’s complicated to end up being a much better player.

Quick fix:

The only way to become better at miscellaneous is to be serious around it, care about the outcome and spend time top top training.

2. Provide up chess as well soon

Some human being give chess a try by playing one or two games. The decision, if they favor the game or not, significantly depends top top the outcome of these 2 games. If a human being wins, he would more than likely stick with chess for a couple of more games. If he loser he would probably say, chess is no for him.

Quick fix:

Don’t offer up chess after a negative outcome that the game. Play more games versus opponents of different strengths, watch experienced chess tournaments, look over a few chess books or magazines and then decision for you yourself if that a game for you. Many famous human being play chess.


3. Nothing take any type of steps come get much better at chess

Many human being play chess for funny without taking any steps for improvement. Lock play infinite variety of games, play the exact same openings, trying to checkmate an enemy the very same way. If they have actually a flow in your chess expertise (almost 100% true because that this level) lock would lose limitless number of games the same means too. Finally they say the game is boring and also stop play at all.

Quick fix:

Analyze your games. Also a quick replay of your own video game can help you come conclude what typically goes wrong. Then, occupational on addressing it. Girlfriend will reap chess much more, once you become a far better player!

4. Don’t calculation variations

There are numerous novice players the end there, that don’t feel choose calculating deeper than one relocate ahead. They use their intuition to judge if the move is great or not. Although, the intuition have the right to be a valuable source for a chess player, calculate of sport is something that will help you success a lot more games, than solely relying top top intuition and luck!

Quick fix:

Try not to play moves without first seeing the entirety line. In ~ first, friend will have the ability to see 1-2 moves ahead, then once you train more, friend will be able to improve your calculation abilities come 3-4 move ahead. Grandmasters have the right to calculate up to 20 move deep in part positions.

5. Nothing mind providing up pawns (or also pieces)

The simplest preeminence of chess says that if girlfriend don’t desire to lose the video game too at an early stage do not provide up product for no reason. Novice players space struggling indigenous this mistake the most. They can get too focused on some minor things (castling, development, etc.) the they forget to relocate their pawn and pieces to safety. Shed pieces = lost games.

Quick fix:

Before make moves, make certain none of her pieces space under attack.


6. Think the it’s impossible to boost at chess

Some football player think that it’s not possible to enhance at chess much more than they already have achieved. Castle think the chess level is limited by inherent factors such together IQ and also cannot be increased. Ns not certain if the IQ of a person deserve to be raised or not, yet I’m 100% sure that any type of chess player, no matter how strong or weak deserve to still make progression at chess if adheres to the best training program.

Quick fix:

Follow a training routine which had combinational training: openings, tactics, attack techniques and also the endgames. Girlfriend should examine out the complying with programs: here and here.


7. Play self-invented openings

While it might be a great idea to surprised your opponent, playing a self-invented opened is absolutely not the best method to execute it. Reinventing the wheel is something the you probably should stop at chess. Playing traditional lines is a much better idea, due to the fact that they are occurred to provide a player (you) the many favorable position possible.

Quick fix:

Study one opened line for white and one heat for black to start with and then construct up ~ above this simple opening repertoire.

8. Nothing have any plan

Having a setup at chess is really and also I average it, really important. A player through a bad setup would most likely a player who has actually no plan at all.

Quick fix:

Always have a arrangement in your games. That doesn’t need to be totally accurate, however you should constantly have an idea of what to execute next. Planning tiny things favor castling and also developing rooks on open a and also b documents is really important for success in ~ chess.


9. Don’t check out the entirety chess board

Many novice chess football player have challenge seeing the whole chess board. Well, they check out the board, but they don’t view all the dangers that might be comes from the opponent’s piece located far away native them (geographically, say in the opposite corner of the board). This leader to lost queens and checkmates in one. Even grandmasters miss out on mates like that sometimes.

Quick fix:

Look at all the pieces on the board equally. If part pieces are more away from her king 보다 other, that doesn’t mean they are much less dangerous.


10. Don’t look for checkmates

This possibly a continuation of a previous point, however surprisingly enough, countless novice chess players safeguard their queen much far better than your king. This leads to many missed mates and disappointments.

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Quick fix:

You need to develop a sense of danger for the king protection. Till you construct it, constantly check the possibilities of attacks on your king. You will save numerous games, by preventing mates-in-1.

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