To storage the King that Pop’s date of birth on Saturday, FN take away a look back at several of Michael Jackson’s biggest shoe moments. Jackson would have actually turned 57 if that was no for his untimely fatality in 2009. Jackson is remembered because that his record-breaking hits, iconic fashion statements, and, the course, his dances moves.

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Jackson’s signature moonwalk and his defying gravity “Smooth Criminal” lean wouldn’t be complete without his black loafers. The “Man in the Mirror” singer would do specifically in Florsheim.“He taught self to run in Florsheims. They to be comfortable and were what he had worn as a son star,” author and also Jackson’s costumer designer, Michael Bush,said in his book“The King the Style: Dressing Michael Jackson.”


Jackson performing in 2002 in ~ the Apollo Theatre, NYC for a fundraiser. The star wore trademark patent black color slip-ons v statement gold steel shin-guards.

A tho from the video clip for Smooth Criminal wherein Jackson wore patent black color shoes through white spats. The shoes were specifically designed to enable his renowned full human body tilt.

Jackson wore a pair the Florsheim loaferswith white a elastic strip applied to the shoe throughout his 15-minute lengthy VMA performance in 1995, special Slash. The famously performed “The method You make Me Feel,” “Billie Jean,” “Dangerous” and “You’re not Alone.” Jackson wore the exact same shoesagain in 1999 in ~ the Michael Jackson and Friends charity show for the Nelson Mandela Children’s Fund and also the Red cross in Seoul, south Korea, and also then in Munich, Germany.

Jackson was likewise known because that his unparalleled music videos, which broke barriers and also helped start MTV as a network. “Thriller” is claimed to it is in the No. 1 video clip of all-time. His “Smooth Criminal” video choreography also made a note in popular music culture, together Jacksondefied gravity at a45 level angle lean. In stimulate toaccomplish this move live, Jackson patented a shoe v slots in its heels that would lock his feet come pegs protruding the end of astage enabling him to skinny forward.

MTV honored Jackson v the video clip Vanguard award, which Kanye West will certainly be receiving top top Sunday night’s VMAs,in 1988, and also the MTV video clip Vanguard Artist of the te Award in 1990. The award to be then change the name to the Michael Jackson video Vanguard compensation in 1991 in his honor.


Jackson’s Florsheim loafers through white elastic panel that he wore throughout his MTV video clip Music Awards power in 1995. Jackson’s white athletic socks v Swarovski crystals indigenous his 1992 attention tour. These are likewise seen top top the covering of his Number persons album.

To see much more of Michael Jackson’s best shoe moments, click through the collection below.

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