Everyday English speak CourseHello students, this is Shayna, your teacher at gimpppa.org and also the phrase I want to teach you this day is, “she’s got what it takes.” If girlfriend say someone has what it takes, or has got what the takes this way that person has actually the skills, intelligence, personality and persistence the are necessary in stimulate to carry out something.

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For example, let’s say yes a woman called Cathy who is running for chairman in her country; she trying to be chosen President in the upcoming elections. Cathy is an extremely well education in sociology and also foreign policy and also she’s also very charismatic; human being like her and also she’s diplomatic; she’s good at having good relationships with other people.

Seeing all these an abilities and Cathy’s personality, you might say, “She’s obtained what that takes to end up being President.” This means she has actually the necessary qualities.

Here’s an additional example: stop say there’s a martial arts competition and also you see one man who you think is very talented, really fast and who has actually the potential come win. You could say “He’s obtained what the takes to win this competition.”

Now, you can additionally say the opposite; the someone doesn’t have what that takes or hasn’t gained what the takes. This means that human being lacks the crucial skills, intelligence and also other features to attain that thing. For example, stop say the at one point in your life you to be interested in becoming a professional chef, therefore you went to culinary school in order come train.

Well, while you to be in college you obtained some suffer in a experienced kitchen inside a restaurant and also you just uncovered it too crazy. Friend weren’t an excellent at cooking in together a high push environment and also you didn’t gain it at all. Climate you might say, “I assumption: v I just don’t have what the takes to end up being a skilled chef.” This means I don’t have the necessary attributes to attain that.

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So, have you gained what it takes to come to be fluent in English? Of food you do! everyone can end up being fluent. Friend don’t should be a genius; you just need to have actually persistence and also dedication.

Thanks for joining me for one more February phrases video clip and i’ll be earlier tomorrow with more spoken English expressions. See you following time!

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