Of food not. Knowing how much a penny, nickel, or a 4 minutes 1 weighs or what your diameters are is not information you need on a daily basis. In fact, it’s just really useful in a few situations: obscure trivia, homework, odd mathematics problems, or some really in-depth smuggling information. However, in todays economy drop as result of the pandemic beneficial tips and also tricks might come in handy once learning around precious metal and also the worth silver coins and also gold coins space worth in the united states.

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Anyways, for everything reason you require to know these facts, here are every the sizes, weights, thickness, composition and also diameters of every U.S. Coins.


2 coin Specifications:3 Nickel Specifications:4 Dime Specifications:5 quarter Specifications:6 half Dollar Specifications:7 dissension Coin Specifications:

U.S. Coin Sizes, Weights, & Composition

DenominationValueWeightDiameter (Width)ThicknessComposition
Penny$0.012.5 grams (0.088 oz)0.75 in (19.05 mm)1.52 mmCopper Plated Zinc
Nickel$0.055 grams (0.176 oz)0.835 in (21.21 mm)1.95 mmCupro-Nickel
Dime$0.102.268 grams (0.08 oz)0.705 in (17.91 mm)1.35 mmCupro-Nickel
Quarter$0.255.67 grams (0.2 oz)0.955 in (24.26 mm)1.75 mmCupro-Nickel
Half Dollar$0.5011.34 grams (0.40 oz)1.205 in. (30.61mm)2.15 mmCupro-Nickel
Dollar Coin$1.008.1 grams (0.286 oz)1.043 in. (26.49 mm)2.00 mmManganese-Brass

Penny Specifications:


How lot does a fifty percent dollar weigh?

A fifty percent dollar weighs 11.34 grams (0.40 oz).

What’s the diameter of a fifty percent dollar?

A fifty percent dollar is 1.205 customs (30.61mm) wide.

How thick is a fifty percent dollar?

A fifty percent dollar is 2.15 mm thick.

What are half dollars do of?

Over time, the composition of the fifty percent dollar has changed. Pre 1964, the half dollar was written of 90% silver and also 10% copper. Native 1965 come 1970, the fifty percent dollar was written of 40% silver and also 60% copper. But since 1971, just like the quarter and dime, the composition of the fifty percent dollar changed to a cupronickel alloy the 75% copper and also 25% nickel.

Dollar Coin Specifications:

How much does a disagreement coin weigh?

A dissension coins weighs 8.1 grams (0.286 oz).

What’s the diameter that a dollar coin?

The diameter the a disagreement coin is 1.043 customs (26.49 mm).

How thick is a disagreement coin?

A dissension coin is 2.00 mm thick.

What room dollar coins made of?

Though the dissension coin is gold-colored, the is not made that gold. The disagreement coin is created of a manganese-brass alloy i beg your pardon is made of 77% copper, 7% manganese, 12% since and 4% nickel. Pay fist that Eisenhower disagreement coin has different specs.

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