Krav Maga has actually a many techniques. They all follow principles. As soon as you’ve mastered every one of them, the key is to recognize those principles to be able to adapt to any type of situation and also not come bound yourself to what did you do it learned in class. If you had actually the opportunity to exercise Krav Maga for a couple of years now, this list of human being weak points will certainly not it is in unknown come you.


Poking the eyes

The eye of your opponent should be one of the primary targets you desire to with for 2 reasons. Very first of all, castle are fairly easy come reach v a punch throughout a standing hit or by poking v your fingers if you are on the ground or gift choked. And also the 2nd reason is that if you regulate to properly hurt her aggressor in the eye it might incapacitate the by making the blind. And also it also hurts prefer hell. The is no a beat that would certainly the many effective yet a poke into the eyes v your fingers extended.

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Breaking the nose

Your sleep is a central, unprotected item of her face. That makes it breakable to impacts. A broken nose is a fracture of the nasal bone and adjacent cartilage. A light fracture have the right to be painless, and only the deformity that the nose will signal the fracture. A severe impact will change the nose out the its typical position, reason a significant nose bleeding and deviate the septum which will affect the waiting flow. Palm strikes are really efficient to perform so.

Hit the temples

The temples a situated on the 2 sides of your head. At this position, the skull is thinner than the rest making the area much more vulnerable. Under the skull in the very same region, operation arteries which provide the mind in blood. A serious hit have the right to lead to an too much pressure ~ above the mind and oxygen deprivation. If no medical treatment is offered in a brief delay, irreversible damages can be excellent to the brain. The most common symptoms are disorientation and loss of consciousness. The best method to fight the holy place would be with a hook beat or a round kick to the head if you’re maybe to perform so.

Punches in the ears

Punch someone in the ears can provoke a partial lose of hearing. The human being will either view his capacity to hear alleviate or he will certainly hear parasite sounds like ringing, swooshing or hissing. If the influence is tough enough, you have the right to tear the eardrum or dislocate the ossicles. This will result in the total loss that hearing. Any kind of of these after-effects will placed you in an advantageous situation. Exact same as the temple, the finest strikes come target the ears room the hooks and also high-kicks.

Punch come the throat

You want to disrupt the neck of your enemy with a right punch right into it. You will certainly block his breathing and he will certainly gasp because that air. The much more power the an ext destructive it will certainly be, it is as simple as that. The renowned karate chop is also recommended for its performance but really hard to perform.


It is typically known the a punch to the jaw can quickly knock out. But why? once you fight the next of the jaw, wherein it is attached to the remainder of the skull, it provides the head rotate around. Then your muscles, tendons, and also bones will certainly make it stop. Together you recognize there’s a rapid acceleration followed by a suddenly deceleration. However the mind is contained in a fluid. Naught is keeping it still. So rather of decelerating favor the rest of her head, the mind will crash versus the inside component of her skull causing mind damage, and often a knockout of girlfriend punch tough enough.

Solar plexus

Located in between the chest and the nombril, receiving a fight on the solar plexus is yes, really painful and also might prevent you attacker from breathing for a couple of seconds. This result is amplified you hit that while that is breath in. The couple of seconds wherein he won’t have the ability to breathe will give you the opportunity to action in and also throw a series of attacks. Also, the chest is no as tough as the solar plexus is for your hand. By act so girlfriend diminish the chances of breaking her knuckles. Palm strikes and also stop kicks are very effective versus the solar plexus.


A beat or a kick to the side of the body will provoke a many pain and may also incapacitate among his arms.


The spine is a vital part of her body. The cord passing v the spine permits your brain to interact with the remainder of your body. No surprised how important it is. If you select to attack the spine of your aggressor you pick to hurt the bad. Strike on the ago of the neck with an elbow strike, and there will certainly be a chance that you paralysis him. Or it can be method worse, it can result in death.

Kick the groin

Probably the most famed target in self-defense. A kick in the groin is an easy task to do. Situated at the center of the body, the most effective means to safeguard it is by transforming your hips. Having actually the enough reflexes is really daunting when you are not provided to. One of the big advantages the the groin is the you don’t have to hit really hard to hurt someone. Even a slim kick well done deserve to do a most damage. Often being stricken in the groin will certainly surprise the person and also scare him, even you don’t touch the person. In standing position, a kick is the most effective means to strike the groin, but in floor fighting, use your palms come strike it and get out of the situation.


Someone moving a lot of a harder to beat. Target his foot in bespeak to slow him down. If you have the right to strike him in the knees this could be a good strategy. With adequate strength and precision, you can dislocate his joints through a ring kick. It is far better if his load is on the knee her attacking. Friend can additionally hit the kneecap v a direct kick.


The front component of her shin is full nerves and there’s no flesh to defend it. That’s why it is therefore hurtful come bump right into the table’s leg. You will often see Muay Thai fighter trying to get rid of those sensors in order to be able to block kicks with their shin there is no feeling any type of pain. Fortunately, most of the civilization are no Muay Thai fighters. A kick to the shin is quick, painful and also may be a distracting strike before a strength punch.

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Crush the toes

Crushing the toes deserve to be really effective specifically if he is grabbing friend from behind.