The Scholarship coat is a story by Marta Salinas and also is about a mexico girl named Martha. Yearly in Texas, a scholarship jacket to be presented come the course valedictorian. This scholarship coat was about the just object in Martha’s mind. She was a slim girl, and also not very pretty either. However, she was incredibly smart and had kept an A plus typical in her eight year of school. That year, every her really hopes came crashing down. She overheard a conversation between two suggesting teachers, about how the jacket have to be given to Joann, since her father was component of the plank and likewise owned the just shop in town.

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The following day the principle called her in, telling her that the scholarship jacket was going to price fifteen dollars, and also if she couldn’t pay because that it, it would be offered to the runner-up. Martha left school tearfully, and also was even more heartbroken as soon as her a grand said she couldn’t have the money.


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She wept she heart out in the bathroom, despite she knew her grandfather was right as soon as he said that she shouldn’t need to pay for something she earned. The following day, she dejectedly called the principle the she couldn’t have the scholarship jacket and also explained why.

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She do a slip-up as she was about to leave the office and mentioned Joann’s name. The principal, emotion guilty said Martha that she would have actually the scholarship jacket.

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So, in the end, Martha knew the she earned her jacket, and hadn’t purchase it. The design template of this story the I well-known was that when you earn something, the doesn’t average you purchase it. Similar to the scholarship jacket to be to be earned and also not purchased. Martha had the finest grades in she school, and to stand for that, she was claimed to acquire the jacket.

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Instead, because Joann’s father had a greater social condition than Martha’s father, so that would have benefited the school to existing Joann v the jacket. So, to make their (not the Martha didn’t already know the plan) arrangement work subtly, the priced the coat fifteen dollars. Clear this wasn’t right, because originally a scholarship was meant to be free. The author explains this through Martha’s grandfather’s way words, “Then if you pay for it, Martha, it’s no a scholarship jacket no longer is it? “. Those straightforward words summed up the entire theme come me.

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