(a) explain the symbiotic relationship that exists in between the cuckoo and also warbler in an environment without predators. Cuckoos are parasites (of the warbler). The cuckoo services from the relationship, and also the warbler is harmed by the relationship.

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What does a cuckoo perform to a warbler?

The cuckoo chick hatches prior to the warbler chicks. And also it desires all the food indigenous the warbler parents for itself. For this reason the young cuckoo pushes the warbler egg onto its back, one through one. It braces that is feet on the political parties of the nest and rolls every egg over the edge.

What is the symbiotic relationship in between a gazelle and ostrich?

The symbiotic relationship in between the ostrich and the gazelle is mutualism.

What room the three different varieties of symbiotic relationships?

There are three general types of symbiosis: mutualism, commensalism, and also parasitism. Based on the nature of the interaction between organisms, symbiotic relationships room loosely grouped right into one of this types. Mutualism is a mutually helpful relationship in i m sorry both organisms benefit.

What go a cuckoo symbolize?

Cuckoos space of the same family members with the road runner. This biology is renowned because that its sound that brings forth adjust in life. Its contact or sound means having a brand-new fate that symbolizes the unfolding of an occasion in your life.

Can you eat a remora?

Yes, you have the right to eat a Remora fish. The Remora fish can be eaten however the fillets the the fish will certainly be an extremely small. The recommend method for food preparation is come fillet the fish and also fry that in a pan with butter and seasoning. Most would to compare the white meat taste to that of a triggerfish.

Why perform ostrich and also gazelle live together?

This relationship is well-known as mutualism. The ostriches have the right to see the predators in the lengthy tall grass that Africa an extremely well, and also the gazelles deserve to hear the predators a lengthy ways away. Lock both live together along with gazelles. Together, they do a great defense.

What sort of symbiosis does a cuckoo have actually with a reed warbler?

The synergy between birds, such together the cuckoo and the reed warbler, known as brood parasitism, is a characteristic instance of a parasite-host relationship. Rather than building her own nest, the parasitic cuckoo will lay her eggs in a reed warbler’s nest, leaving the warbler come raise this egg in addition to her very own offspring.

Why execute cuckoos lay much more eggs than warblers?

Parasitism: since the warbler is left through rasing more cuckoo’s 보다 warblers one types is harmed when the other is benifiting. Cuckoo’s are brood helminth which method they lay your eggs in other birds nest.

Which is an example of symbiosis between host and also parasite?

Unfortunately for the host, this generally reasons it harm, even if it is this it is in in the form of disease, lessened reproductive success or even death. The synergy between birds, such together the cuckoo and also the reed warbler, known as brood parasitism, is a characteristic instance of a parasite-host relationship.

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Why perform cuckoo chicks remain in the nest?

Researchers have found that cuckoo chicks, while in the nest, create a smelly substance the deters swarm predators. The substance does not stay in the swarm if cuckoo chicks space removed. Number 1 reflects the probability that nests containing only warblers or comprise both warblers and cuckoos will be successful in an setting with predators.