switchport trunk native vlan 10 switchport mode trunk switchport trunk permitted vlan eliminate 10

Open the PT Activity. Carry out the tasks in the activity instructions and also then answer the question. I m sorry ping command native PC0 to PC1 completes successfully?


What is the an interpretation of the number 10 in the encapsulation dot1Q 10 aboriginal router subinterface command?​


What is the objective of the move command switchport access vlan 99?

to entrust the harbor to a specific VLAN

Which step must be performed very first when deleting a VLAN that has member switch ports?

Reassign every VLAN member ports come a various VLAN.

If an company is changing to encompass Cisco IP phones in that is network, what design feature have to be taken into consideration to for sure voice quality?

A separate VLAN is essential for voice traffic.

In which location are the normal range VLANs save on a Cisco switch by default?

flash memory

Refer come the exhibit. I m sorry implementation that inter-VLAN routing does this topology use?

router top top a stick

Using legacy inter-VLAN routing, how numerous physical router interfaces need to be configured to support 5 VLANs?


Which distinct type of VLAN is provided by an administrator to access and configure a switch?

management VLAN

Refer come the exhibit. Every workstations room configured correctly in VLAN 20. Workstations the are linked to move SW1 are not able come send website traffic to workstations top top SW2. What could be excellent to remedy the problem?

Allow VLAN 20 ~ above the trunk link.

Refer to the exhibit. What is the reason of the error the is displayed in the configuration of inter-VLAN routing on router CiscoVille?

The encapsulation dot1Q 20 command has not to be configured.​

For what reason would a network administrator usage the show interfaces tribe command top top a switch?

to check out the aboriginal VLAN

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