You wake up up in the middle of the night in a cold sweat. Your heart races together you wonder, “What is going on v my network?” Thankfully, that doesn’t have to be this way. Proactive network assessments can assist you record problems beforehand on, find applicable solutions and track its performance over time.

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Rather than continuing to be worried and even frustrated around your underperforming network, you have the right to now spend the power on drafting a setup to enhance it.

What Is a Network Assessment?

A network evaluate is a testimonial of her organization’s existing it infrastructure, management, security, processes, and performance to identify avenues for advancement and acquire a an extensive view of the state of her IT. This help you make more informed and strategic company decisions.

It regularly starts with the realization the your organization IT systems have grown come the point where you’re not sure simply what is emerging everywhere top top the network. You have a gut feeling around what might be causing the problems, but cannot verify it without a thorough evaluation of every network components. Additionally, you may not want undertake a major new network implementation without very first understanding the current situation of your infrastructure, systems and also processes.

What walk a Network Assessment help Identify?

There are many issues that a network evaluate can aid identify, but at a high level it provides insight into 4 main areas:

Underused or overused resourcesas part departments in her organization may require an ext network resources than others. A network assessment will aid identify genuine needs and allocate sources accordingly.Glaring security holesthat have to be addressed instantly in bespeak to prevent adverse influence to her network system and departmental operationsPotential advantages and pitfallswhen roll out brand-new technologies – just how would the new technology communication fit into your present network configuration? What integration points carry out you have to consider and prepare for? This provides a strategy approach and also recommendations for short-term (30-60), medium-term (60-90 days), and long-term (strategy) modern technology planning.

What Tools space Available?

There is a wide range of tools that can aid save time and make the assessment process much more efficient. Because that instance,Microsoft software program Inventory Analyzer(MSIA) functions to determine all the software program deployed while packet catching software analyzes the web traffic flow and also bottlenecks within her network.

If you room working v a third-party technology partner, make certain they work with her IT team v the entire procedure to examine whether ongoing worries are recognized or unknown to her staff. Your IT employee is vital to explaining the scenarios that might have led to the present state the the network and the possible improvements for the future.

Is over there a finest Time because that a Network Assessment?

An ideal time for an evaluate of your network might be prior to a big roll-out the is meant to adjust the nature of her network structure. For instance, a decision to relocate to the cloud or a adjust to VoIP phones might be the perfect time come make sure you recognize where you need to make improvements. Finish your network assessment far in development of that planned roll-out to provide you enough time to do a thorough evaluation and implement needed resolutions. Friend may also want to look in ~ doing a network evaluate if you have actually aging modern technology infrastructure that may be nearing that is end-of-support or end-of-life. Realistically, though, any kind of time you are unsure the what is going on in your network is a great time to have actually an evaluate performed.


How to Prepare for a Network Assessment?

Assessing every solitary element that your facility network might sound intimidating, however in fact it is not overly tedious. Ensure that whoever is conducting the assessment has required system access to appropriate network devices, servers, and their physical places on your network. A small device can be placed on her network in order come monitor all the traffic and gauge your network speed. Access to the whole IT staff is nice to have, but not constantly necessary. Often, accessibility to one staff person who is in charge of all your network accessibility passwords is enough.

Network assessment Scenarios

Large firms frequently have sufficient resources to command the network assessment making use of in-house staff. However, little and mid-sized this firm with minimal IT staff and also expertise might require an experienced an innovation partner’s aid to ensure the assessment is accurate and also thorough.

Below are two of small to mid-sized clients’ network scenarios:

Case 1: a 250-user non-profit association want to identify network problems and ongoing worries of network latency that it was experiencing. The network assessment report discovered that besides poor bandwidth at your office locations, antivirus software, and also Windows Updates were configured in such a method as to exacerbate the situation rather 보다 account because that it. Perfect the network assessment helped the IT manager to focus on transforming the network traffic and reduce the included stress ~ above the network while trying to find increased bandwidth solutions.Case 2:a 100-user organization functioned with ATS to carry out a network assessment and found the their large building with thick walls needed far better enterprise-class wireless access points come reach every the users. Also, year of neglected network devices meant some network communication was occurring at sub-optimal half-duplex speeds. These were two straightforward issues that were identified, and also as a result, the fixes vastly enhanced the organization’s network.

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Post evaluate - A step Closer to enhancing Your Network Performance

After the data has been gathered and also the report prepared, expect to invest some time reviewing the results with her staff and your an innovation partner. Questioning questions about what deserve to be done to enhance network performance, such as:

Can we placed our server in a different configuration (i.e. The cloud)?Do we need to get larger bandwidth capacity?What can our the team execute internally?

You will also need to determine the timeframe because that the improvements and whether the development recommendations will be imposed internally or v your an innovation partner. Typically there room a lot of different tasks identified, ranging from a simple firmware upgrade to overhauling the entire large area network (WAN) structure.

Make network assessment an important part of her IT strategy and you will sleep much much more soundly!